Friday, December 5, 2008

A Much 'Cooler' Ceiling Fan...

We are making progress...slowly but surely. We made a HUGE impact in the bedroom this weekend - a new ceiling fan!

We removed this little brass hideosity with 12" blades:

And replaced it with this luxurious Hampton Bay 52" blade fan:
So much better...and so much more our style. It's the simple things in life...:)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Forgot to Update: Washer and Drain Lines are Great!

Oops...forgot to give the update on what happened with the washer and drain line situation! Per my post about the laundrymat, someone was scheduled to come out the following Monday to repair the washer - AGAIN. He did just that and pulled out another hunk of my rug. I told Shane to make him stay and run a full cycle to see if it would work after that - he did, and he did. Everything was in tip top shape! Shane and I were able to slide the set back into the microscopic laundry corner and we were a functioning household - once again!

And my drains are draining better than ever! No water backups on Honeysuckle Drive!

However, I have done the quick math on this situation:
Rug from Garden Ridge (paid for with a gift certificate): $14.99
Paying a plumber to dig that rug out of all of the drain crevices in my home: $380
Knitting a sweater out of the rug remnants for my first born child...Priceless.

Moral of the story - don't wash rugs. And if you do, destroy the evidence immediately and play dumb.

Time to Redecorate!

Now that I have been in my house for about six is time for some redecorating!

  • Painting my bedroom a shade of blue that is fit for a toddler boy. I swear it looked gray on the swatch...and even when we first got it on the walls. I need to tone it down a little.
  • Painting the kitchen and the sitting room the same color. Once I get my new countertops, and...drum roll, backsplash - I'm going to re-evaluate the kitchen color. Is that bad to have the living room, kitchen, and sitting room all different colors?
  • Partial regret about the silver bathroom...but I think that I can salvage it with some new artwork, a new granite top instead of that yellowy marble thing, and a new mirror. We'll see.

So, I have prepared a few inspiration boards to work off of...see below:


Living Room:


Let me know your thoughts...

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Frigi-Dare You to Buy One...

So, this story picks up with my washer not working at all, but my plumbing seeming to be fine...

I contacted Frigidaire about my washer not working, and told them that it just stopped draining and spinning...what caused this - "Well, I have no idea, it just stopped working." So they send someone out on Thursday between 9-12 to fix it. The guy came out and pulled the pump out and it was filled guessed it - my freakin' rug. So it's fixed - yay! We run a couple of test loads with just water and drain it into a big cooler. Still pumping out red fuzz.

The plumber came back out on Friday to test the washer line, now that the washer was working, and to replace the toilet. After about 45 minutes of digging in the drain line, he pulls guessed it again - my freakin' rug! We put the washer drain line back in the washer drain and try a couple of test loads and everything is working great!

Friday night, I'm thinking that I will go ahead and start getting caught up on my mountains of laundry. I put in the covers to Beau and Brother's beds - just two pieces...just in case. The cycle runs for about 25 minutes and then just stops. I'm, of course, just sitting in front of the washer watching it spin and do its thing, so when it stops AGAIN - I have mental flashes of slitting my wrists with the dryer vent or maybe bashing my head in with the bottle of washing detergent. I can't believe that this is not fixed! I had plans to go to Athens today, but clearly that didn't happen since this needs to be done with...the sacrafices that I make. :)

I call the washing machine repair people this morning at exactly 8 - no answer. Okay, maybe they don't get in until 9 on I wait until 9. Still no answer. I call Frigidaire again and they put me in touch with another repair company. I beg the guy to come today, but he insists that 'their schedule is full' and tells me he will be here on Monday between 10-2. At this time, I break down...yes...I cried.

Okay, Stacy, let's act like an adult and stop freaking out. You need to wash your clothes, being that you are down to your last pair of undies. What do people with no washers and dryers do? Laundrymats. Wow. That is a big step.

I pull up to Glad Rags on Spring Street and unload my 8 loads of laundry. I kind of wander around for a second, not really knowing where I am or what I should do. I see 6 washing machines that are open (and looking really decrepit) - so I set up shop and start cramming my laundry in. Including two more rugs...hee hee. :) I carefully read the instructions on the machine and follow them precisely. I also, for the first time, used liquid fabric softener - love that BTW! Then I go to pay and get everything going, and it is $2 a load to wash...well, of course I grabbed some change at the house - but not enough. So I have to ask a fellow laundymattian where the closest ATM is - she is very nice and helpful - and very fluent in English - so I'm off. I take out $25 and head back to the Glad Rags.

I'm standing there, next to the rolling baskets like you see in the movies, and I'm thinking - this is freakin' awesome. I'm getting six of my eight loads of laundry done and it's only going to take me the time of one load. And the dryers there are huge - and industrial! They only take like 20 minutes to dry a load! Freakin' amazing. I get everything done, folded, and loaded back in the car and head home feeling very proud of myself for going to the laundrymat. :) I think that I may even open one...hmmm a jewelry boutique/laundrymat...or a jewelry making boutique and a laundrymat. So many options! And I spent all of my $25 there - what a gold mine.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bad News: Everything is Falling Apart!

Well, I didn't mention the drain line because we had no intention of replacing it until Sunday rolled around...

I'll start this story by prefacing that Sundays are not normally my cleaning days. Due to travel schedules, I was forced to do it this day or wait until the following Thursday - which was completely out of the question. So, Shane and I are cleaning and I ask him to put a couple of small rugs in the washer. 'Babe, do you want to wash some clothes first before the rugs?' 'No I do not - I want the rugs to be washed and dried before it is time for my shower later.' So Shane throws in three small forward 30 water is quickly seeping from under the washer. It also contains a lot of peices of my rug. So I stop the washer and wipe up the water. Shane pulls the w/d out of the closet (next house WILL have a laundry room - BTW) so that we can get the water and stuff from behind. Well, we can't pull it far enough out, due to the angles of the room, to get behind it so we have to do it Ringling Brothers style and climb on top of the dryer (which sits on top of the washer) and use various house tools (swiffer, broom, vacuum hose, etc.) to try to wipe up the water. So what is wrong with it? I don't know.

So Shane and I just decide to move on. I'm going to go ahead and take my shower and we'll just get out of here...abandon ship. So I go to take a shower, and the water is not draining AT ALL. After the water has been on for 30 seconds, I'm already standing in an inch of water. So I yell for Shane and ask him to bring me the Drano. Shane arrives with the Drano and asks 'Is there a reason that the bottom of the bottle is wet?' 'Umm...not that I'm aware of. I guess the kitchen sink is now leaking.' Shane goes and there is now an inch of water under the kitchen sink. Meanwhile, I pour the remaining half of the bottle of Drano in the drain - and does it work? No. I continue to take a shower and figure the water will drain eventually. We go along our merry way and just chalk the day up to a wash (ha ha, no pun intended).

The next morning, I go to take a shower before work (it's nice to do that sometimes :)) and there is red fuzz covering the tub. So...everything is it. I turn the water on and it still is not draining. Well, I am not stepping in there with all that gunk - so I clean it - and take another shower in an inch of water. Miserable. Shane decides to take the day off so that we can get this mess figured out - and heads out to Home Depot to buy some good drain cleaner. Like meth-making material type drain cleaner. Meanwhile I'm sitting at work freaking out....those who know me will not be surprised by this. So I call Shane and tell him that I've had enough and I'm calling a plumber. A plumber comes out and tries to snake the washer drain line - but can't even get the snake in. He does some other stuff and gets under the house and comes to the conclusion that our drain line needs to be replaced. It is cast iron and original to the house - so about 50 years old. It has corroded so badly that water can barely make it through. When we had our inspection, we didn't realize that 'main lines' don't include the drain we assumed that everything had been replaced. Not true. And want to know what his quote was - $3800!

I immediately contact my home warranty company, and they tell me that they are sending another plumbing company out to take a look. They come out yesterday, and tell me that they are now going to snake the main lines, instead of the washing drain line, in hopes to get some of the gunk out. Who knew that your drain lines were also vented on your roof? The plumber gets on the roof and shoves this snake-type electrical thing down each of the three roof vents. It is so loud and you can hear it coming down the walls inside...freaky. Once he does this, he comes in and we do a walk through - to find that the pipe made it's way up into a toilet and busted the porcelain. So - new toilet added to the checklist. He did volunteer to pay for it (umm...yeah!) so that was nice.

Next step, test the washer. Oh, wait - did I forget to mention that that doesn't work AT ALL any more?? Yeah, when it rains it pours. Getting in touch with Frigidaire was a whole other story - which I will save for another day since this post is turning into a thesis instead of a short story. Stay tuned to see how it all 'bubbles' up! Still not funny.

Good News: Pictures!

Well, here I am - a week later with not only pictures, but some super awesome updates on the house. Good news first, here are the updated pics:

The sitting room-where I reflect on...stuff.

The living room (there are more pics of the LR in the Picasa link to the right):

The kitchen (again, more pics in Picasa):

Guest bath:

Completed hallway!:

Master bedroom:

Guest bedroom:

So...everything is pretty much wrapped up, except for the major things that we want to do: replace the god awful backsplash, countertops, new roof, build a carport, new deck, landscaping, paint the house, etc., etc., and so on and so forth. But wait - I didn't mention a new drain line in there!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where Have I Been?

Wow...where have I been? I'm looking at my blog and am embarassed of how neglectful I have been....A friend of mine started a blog for her son today and has once again lit my blog fire!

I have lots of updates - but I'm not nearly as fired up about them now, so no use in sharing. One comment though - Charter Communications is apparently looking for someone to do their accounting and their customers! They have messed my bills up so bad and have the worst customer service. I dearly miss Comcast...:(

And these pics are O-L-D...I'm going to take some new ones tonight and upload them tomorrow.

Hope that somebody still reads this thing! I'm going to have to work overtime to get all my readers back! I love blogging!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Oh My God....

We have actually made progress and have pictures to prove it! Enjoy...

No more purple bathroom...behold the silver metallic paint that I finally committed to!

The guest room walls are no longer covered in putty-filled holes! Final pictures to come on this room...

And no more purple in our bathroom...we really branched out and went with a brown/gold color...

And for the grand finale...THE VENETIAN PLASTER! Disclaimer...this is only the first coat, so it will look more polished when it is completed. And who wears short shorts - obviously me!

And one more small improvement - no more kitchen ceiling fan! Yay!

Things are finally taking shape - now the next task is to get rid of the Hobby Lobby dining room table and get some decor put up...stay tuned for more pictures!

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Redemption of Rent-A-Center...

So, blogging, while a very useful tool to keep friends and family up to date of our progress and useful to bash those who do us wrong, can also be a little dangerous...

My post about Rent-A-Center was apparently viewed by a RAC employee...ouch. Good for me, but bad when I have to go in and see them face to face. Not that my story was untrue or over exaggerated (as I am famous for)...but still, you get my point. So I must retract my previous post, because they did right by me. They refunded my money and went above and beyond to make sure that I was a happy customer. Kudos to Mike and Chris...just in case you are reading! :)

So no more talk about RAC. I promise. :)

Shane and I are going to be working on the house hot and heavy this weekend...seriously this time. We have got to get into a routine and get stuff put up and away if we ever want to have anyone over! Hopefully we will have pictures from this weekend of some of our progress...just pray that we have progress! Those Lifetime movies can just suck you in....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Death to the Rent-A-Center

So, as we are all aware...Rent-A-Center, while a VERY lucrative organization, is a sucky business. My goal for this blog post is that I say Rent-A-Center so many times that when people Google it - my blog pops up here goes.

We rented the rent-a-fridge from Rent-A-Center after not having the refrigerator left with our new house. I mistakingly thought that it would be cheap to rent a fridge - but that was just not true. So when I got to the Rent-A-Center, I told the worker that I would pay a month upfront because I do not have the time nor the want to visit the Rent-A-Center store once a week. He was 'impressed' by this...I know, I'm rollin' in it. So I asked the Rent-A-Center worker the question that if I decided to turn the fridge in before the month was up, would I get a refund for the money that I paid that was not used. His response was Yes.

So, we keep the fridge for about 2 1/2 weeks and then decide to buy the great stainless steel side-by-side that you see in the pics below...Love it, by the way! So I call Rent-A-Center and ask for my rent-a-fridge to be picked up on Tuesday (7/8). The Rent-A-Center workers come by, tell me that they didn't bring their handtruck to take it out the front door - so they will NEED to use my handicap ramp. The handicap ramp is already a sore spot with me...let's not act like you really need to use it for a 20 pound fridge. My puppies could carry this thing on their back all the way to the Rent-A-Center...but I digress. So they are rolling down the ramp and I ask 'Hey, do I need to sign anything?' 'Nope, you're good - have a good afternoon!' 'K! Good riddance!' And it was done.

Fastforward to the following Thursday...I receive a call from Rent-A-Center reminding me that my next payment was due that day and that I needed to be at the Rent-A-Center before 7 p.m. to make my weekly payment. I'm immediately thrown into a fit of rage - so I call them back. I tell the Rent-A-Center worker that the fridge was picked up the previous Tuesday, but that I was glad that he called, because Rent-A-Center actually owed me money. He does the 'oooohhhhh...let me check' and then comes back and tells me that they don't do refunds. I ask why and his response was...(drum roll please)...that isn't Rent-A-Center policy. So I tell him that when I came up there and paid for the fridge I specifically asked that question and was told that I would get my money back if I didn't keep it for a month. He tells me to hold on, and then comes back and says that his manager says no refund. So I tell him to let me speak to his manager...which was standing at the same counter as the other Rent-A-Center worker when I was renting the monstrosity 4 weeks ago. He tells me that it was in the contract that I signed...okay, well who really keeps their Rent-A-Center contract?? Mine as well had been written on a bar napkin in my opinion...He then tells me that he pulled up my contract and there was a section that said "There are no refunds if you choose to return the property before the end of the term." So what is the term? You wanted me to pay weekly...which in a way I did, I just paid 4 weeks upfront. He couldn't tell me what the 'term' was...And I'm not a lawyer, but the 'term' is not stated anywhere in the contract...which seems like a really loose contract.

So he finally tells me that he won't be able to give me my money back...he said that he totally agreed with me (yes, he did!) but that his manager would have to give me my money back. Okay, so tell me your manager's name and give me his number...he then proceeds to rattle off 1-800-blah blah option1 for customer service. Okay, so your manager is a customer service operator?? 'No, that is just the best way to file a complaint.' I didn't say this, but I was thinking it really hard, 'So you just lied to me again? First I can get a refund - and that was a lie. Now - you are going to give me your manager's name and number and you direct me to a customer service center...probably in India.' No thanks. So I eventually get a regional office number - which I haven't called. Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center.

In all actuality, they owe me $ the grand scheme of things - this is a trivial amount - I know. But in the minutia that I like to live in - this is my money and I want it back. In this day and age, people that work for company's can say whatever they want to sell a product, but are never required to pay for their actions. I'm getting my money might just be after I get back from Cabo. :) Sianara for a week!

Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center.

Monday, July 14, 2008

The Look and Feel of Stainless

Many thanks to Jimmie Carlisle and Debbie and Manny Llerena, who have made this blog post possible.

Sit back and admire the new stainless...and W/D...

Friday, July 11, 2008


So, I was reading back through my previous blog posts and saw that I mentioned bugs. I also posted the funniest Orkin commercial to the right - but then never addressed it. So here goes...

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful girl and her very handsome boyfriend who thought that it would be a fabulous idea to buy a fixer upper in a beautiful wooded neighborhood. They greatly admired all of the foliage in the backyard, including the 100 year old oak tree, the Japanese maple, and over abundance of monkey grass (there must have been a special at the landscape store because the previous owners put it EVERYWHERE!). So they move in...and then all of the earthy stuff just became a little too earthy.

Rewind to four years ago, the beautiful girl moved into an apartment during college. It was great...doing whatever her and her roommate wanted, beer and cockroaches in the fridge, eating pizza topped with silverfish...yeah that's right. The apartment was infested with cockroaches. The silverfish was just visiting, but the roaches were there for the long haul. Well, 3 or 12 bug bombs later we realized that our apt. was infested with German cockroaches - the only infesting cockroach in the southeast. Luckily these are not the huge ones, but they are the little ones that can lay on your plates, cool off in the fridge (because they can fit through the sealing), and wait in your bathtub to scare the living bejesus out of you. My roommate and I pretty much retired to eating, sleeping, and hanging out on the back porch. Our apartment was treated for pests weekly (probably not healthy) and we never really got rid of the roaches. We fondly referred to it as Joe's Apartment (the old show on MTV where the roaches were Joe's friends and they talked...disturbing.)

Now, fastforward back to the present. The first instance, of course, was when I had Gretchen come stay with me when Shane was out of town. We get home from dinner and a palmetto bug (not a roach, but they look like one...) is sitting on the door handle to get into my house. Good thing that we hadn't taken the trash out, because there was a little 1x2 peice of lumber in my trash (random?) and we thought that that would be a good extermination tool. So I hit the handle and it just crawls on the windows of the door. Then crawls down to the bottom where the sealing is...oh, good old sealing. About the only thing that sealing does is keep the wind out...because it certainly doesn' t seal the grossness out. Gretchen takes the lumber and tries to kill it, but what we inevitably do is show it the gateway to the interior. So it gets in. We go inside and it is just chillin' by the back door....on my new tile. I don't want to squish it because I just ate and don't really want to hear that crunch - so I go for my safest option...bleach. It won't like it, it will poison it, and it will clean my floor at the same time! So I bleach that little bug out the backdoor.

Next time I see one, Debbie, Katie, and Maria are over to look at the house. The dogs are playing under the couch, Katie is trying to referee them, and another palmetto bug just comes strolling out from under the couch. Then the dogs see him, and that looks fun to them. Katie screams 'Ewww! A cockroach!' Stacy has a flashback to her apartment, and then wonders if she has a minor case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...and contemplates getting into the fetal position. I totally wussed out and couldn't kill it - I just can't handle the crunch. So Katie mans up, good thing for the brave 11-year-old, and steps on it and cleans it up. Embarassing for me - all the way around.

And then one more occassion, this is when I realized that my palmetto bugs were quite the social butterflies. We have the repair man over to fix our microwave, and what happens? Oh, well that little bug crawls right out of the sink and makes his presence known! Again (this is becoming a pattern) I freak out, freeze, and so the microwave repair man had to kill it and Shane had to clean it up. Absolutely mortifying...they only come out when people are at my house and then I act like it has 5 foot fangs and a fully loaded pistol. Ridiculous.

So...the funniest part was that I was all the while doing research on pest control. I wanted to make sure that I was getting the best service for the best price. After the microwave man left, I just called Orkin. As I'm sweating and breathing like I have just ran a marathon, I agree to whatever price, whatever date, just get out here! I make it sound really dramatic, but it was a good price and I have only seen one more since. He was outside - and I only saw him through the window. But I could tell that he was afraid...and he probably was only there to get the last of his things before he moved out.

So now they are gone...but I won't say that loudly or confidently because these things can smell fear. And I've got enough of that for everyone...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Plans have changed...

So, the rent-a-fridge is officially gone! Good riddance. Shane are I are the proud new owners of a new stainless steel side by side refrigerator and a stackable, front loader washer and dryer! We are so proud...never have I been so excited to do laundry! Probably because I didn't have any clean clothes...but nevertheless excited! No pics camera batteries are still dead. I really don't have an excuse for why I haven't changed the batteries...that must just be linked to laziness.

We have also changed some plans as far as the TV mounting goes. Like I mentioned, I don't know that I am quite ready to sacrifice $1000 and one of my kidneys, so we have decided to just have it mounted on the wall. But by doing that we have to get a new sofa. And yes, we HAVE to. We will need an L-shaped sectional...check out the poll on the right and vote on which one you like the best! I haven't gotten updated pricing on mounting the TV on the wall, but I'm sure that it must be cheaper. Maybe Shane could even do it...dun dun dun! :)

Other new topics are that I have decided to Venetian plaster the hallway. Unfortunately, even after all of the plaster and evening out on the walls (remember the layers of wallpaper that had to be stripped?) the walls are not even enough for just paint. They are showing every single flaw in the drywall. So Venetian plaster seems like the most difficult and annoying task - you know that's why I picked it! Always shooting past the stars...aiming more for Pluto. Here is a pic of Venetian plaster for those who may not be familiar....

Pretty, right?

Well, no more updates for now...I'll take some pics (I swear) of our new appliances, the guest bedroom, and the master. We moved some furniture around in the guest and master and it looks much better than before! Stay tuned...

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Different Look

Looks different, huh? I figure that since I can't get any immediate results at my house - I can make some quick, free fixes on my there.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be TV installers...

So, what seemed to be a simple task of having our TV mounted is turning into a major initiative.

When you walk into a new home these days, a standard has become the flat panel TV that hangs above the fireplace, right? Well, I know that those people didn't sell their first born, one of their kidneys, and pay $1000 for it! I may be exagerating, but that seems to be about what they are asking!

I've had three quotes, and they go a little something like this:
#1: Well, it could be a whole day job and cost $750, or I could be done in 2 hours and it cost you $250. Not sure. So Stacy asks, well do you want to come out to my house and take a look? Contractor replies, no, I wouldn't know until I started cutting holes. Yeeaaahhh, no. Anyone who has seen the movie 'The Money Pit' knows that I am not looking to hire The Shirk brothers....
#2: Yeah, we can knock that out for $350. Really? You want to come out and look at it? Naaahhh. And then the contractor proceeds to call me twice a day, every day and schedule the service. Whoa Nelly...unless you want a bad check - back off! We aren't exactly rollin' in it right now!
#3: Well, I could hang the TV, but I couldn't move the cable or install the electrical. Well, perfect - because I actually just wanted to idolize the actual television by placing it above the fireplace - not watch it...What kind of crazy idea is that?!?

So, another problem to roll up into what I like to call 'Home Ownershi*.' Along with: appliances, bugs (oh, that is a totally separate blog post), yard stuff, boxes, lack of storage, over abundance of decorative knick-knacks (We could seriously open our own Hobby Lobby), so on and so forth, etc., etc., etc.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ahhh...the life of a homeowner

I just have to first say that I am so psyched that everyone is actually reading my blog! I saw it mentioned on CNN last night and was just so blown away! :)

So...what's been happening? Well, Shane has been out of town for the past week, so between the dogs, not having any food in our new rent-a-fridge, and me being unmotivated...not much has been done. Here is our bedroom...which Gretchen has commented that it looks like a baby's room:

I'm going for the brown and blue once I get my headboard up, and get rid of the purple sheets, and get my stuff situated...this will be a nice and relaxing bedroom oasis.
Next room is the guest bedroom. I call this one traditional trailer (nice furniture to go along with the puttied holes in the walls). Before and after:

I will be painting this room...just don't know what color yet. I thought about straying from Kilz and looking into the Ralph Lauren Metallics...but that takes way too much work and effort. I'll try that in the bathroom. Maybe.
And the rest of the house...the fireplace still isn't painted, the living room isn't painted, the hallway isn't painted, the sitting room can't be sat in, and the kitchen is just alright...but by god look at that tile! Ain't it a beaut!

Just want to thank Yao Ming for helping us unpack as well...

And thanks to everyone who participated in the backsplash survey. My only problem is that the majority of you don't agree with me...what is wrong with ya'll? :) That thing is coming out - QUICK! That is right after we have the TV mounted on the fireplace, get everything painted, get the yard fixed up, and get new I'd say by 2020 this thing is history!

And don't worry, Shane will be home tonight and we will not be leaving the house this weekend until everything is in it's place and all decorated. So I promise to have better pictures (Better Homes & Garden quality) next week...or maybe this weekend...

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Renting Appliances...

So, as you are aware - we do not have a refrigerator. And I knew that I wouldn't be able to tolerate that long - so I came up with a genius solution- I'll rent one!

This is one of those things that you always wondered who REALLY does this...and then something comes along, and that person is you. Then comes the part where you try to remember those commercials that you see on TV all the time or remember the names on all of those junk mail fliers...well the names are Rent-A-Center and Aarons. This seemingly appeared to be a quick, cheap fix to our problem of no refrigeration or washing abilities, but I quickly found that this is not the case. This is why renting appliances sucks:
#1: They treat you like a criminal who has just been released from jail, and only has the $3.54 that you were arrested with. Example: You have to have FOUR REFERENCES! I didn't even have to have that many references to get my job!
#2: You can pay weekly. Really? Who has time to go to the Rent-A-Center and pay weekly for their appliances? If they do, I don't know how they are paying because they obviously don't have a job.
#3: They have bars on all the windows of the store. Frightening.
#4: It is expensive, and a total rip-off. Now don't get me wrong, this didn't stop me from going through with the refrigerator rental, but if you do rent until you eventually purchase the appliance after 24 months - you can pay almost $2000 for a $500 fridge. P.S. Mel - I'm leaving ATC and opening my own Rent-A-Center. :)
#5: The salesman seemed to think that he was doing me a favor by not offering me a defective washer and dryer....Customer service at its finest!

While the fridge is being delivered today at is under complete duress that I go through with paying $75 a month to rent this little monstrosity. Oh, and best part - when I told the guy that I would not be paying weekly, but would just go ahead and pay for the month upfront - he said 'I'm impressed.' Well - I'm not...

And no pics yet...Shane took some last night, but I didn't put it in my purse this morning. Maybe if we get the computer set up tonight...well, I'll just stop because that ISN'T happening!

Monday, June 16, 2008

All Settled In...

Yeah right!

We have had a lot of progress over the past few days! All of the flooring is complete - hardwoods and tile look great, and we moved in on Saturday! The house is a complete disaster, which is to be expected, and we have come to the realization that we are going to have to get rid of a lot of Shane's stuff. :) Our cabinets just will not accomodate the 1,846,845 beer glasses that he has in his collection!

We have made our way through the kitchen stuff - not having a fridge really sucks. No cold beer, nothing to keep leftovers in, no cold water (unless you want to drink tap water, ugh) is amazing how we take things like that for granted. And not having a washer and dryer is proving to be a nuisance as well...I think that we may make a couple of late night trips back to Oakbrook to use the w&d!

I have no pics for this post because my camera batteries are dying and I can't find my charger...We are unpacking the bedroom tonight - so hopefully I'll find them and take some pics so that you can all see the pigstye that is our home right now. Also, check out the poll on the side - I'm soliciting suggestions as to how to handle the backsplash. Since we are now officially BROKE - I'm open to all creative suggestions!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


The flooring looks amazing. This was the status as of about 7:30 last night...I can't wait to go over during lunch and see the finished product!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Wow - two blog posts in one day! I just couldn't wait to talk about this...

All of the pictures below were taken by my dad today during lunch with his personal camera. The picture that was taken of me and my mom in the master bedroom (from my post on Tuesday) was taken with my camera. Is it just a coincidence that both pictures, taken by different cameras, have white bubbly spots on them? Again, is that the lighting...or is that a ghost?

I'm actually going to assume that it is dust (for my own sanity). According to, orbs are dust particles in the air that are highlighted by the flash of the camera or the natural light in the room. Multiple orbs in a photo are more than likely dust particles...not a supernatural spirit (i.e. a ghost dressed in a white sheet with eye holes waiting to pop out of a dark corner.)Thank God. Ghost Study recommends that if you are really trying to search for paranormal activity you should use an actual 35 mm camera...but who still has one of those? Guess I'll never know...

Take a look and decide for yourself!

Flooring, Flooring, Flooring!

The tile floors are being installed today in the kitchen and living room!! Hardwoods are being refinished as well!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Second Weekend of Renovations

Hello to all who have been patiently awaiting this blog post... :)

The second weekend of renovations was very productive. Again, thanks to my dad, mom, Debbie, Manny, and Katie for all of your hard work and much needed help! We have gotten so much done...and this wouldn't have been possible without you!

So on to our progress....
The master suite (ha - yeah right) is complete. Take a look at the before and afters! It isn't really that dramatic of a change, but a lot of painting, cleaning, painting, and painting went into this room. You will also notice that on the pic of me and my mom there are white bubble spots...could that be Casper - or just the sunlight???

And no, that is not a pile of sand on the floor...the previous owners smeared paint all over the hardwoods in that room. Who does that?
Another great accomplishment is that the kitchen is no longer green! Whoo hoo! So now, the sitting room and kitchen are the same color. This color should go great with the granite countertops and tile flooring that we have picked out. We hope to have the tile flooring done this week...

The brick backsplash is still intact, much to my dismay. But I think that I am going to wait until I re-do the countertops to tackle that project. So that must mean that countertops are just around the corner! And then we will work on the appliances. As you will notice, we do not have a I will update next week on how life is going living out of a cooler. Knowing me, there will only be one post about that before I just bite the bullet and buy one.
Moving right along...we transformed the cutsey little baby's room into what I like to call 'An Old World Office.' We actually haven't transformed it yet, because the walls haven't been painted, but we are on our way there! Wall color will be 'Muted Gold' for all you Kilz lovers...

In this room, we will have a very large rug because we were informed that there isn't really anything that can be done to get rid of the big black pet stains...unless we want to replace the boards. And since hardwood refinishing was not initially in the budget...board replacement is definitely not in the budget.
And to contradict my previous statement, the hardwoods are actually being refinished this week. I found a company called Mr. Sandless ( that comes out and refinishes the floors with chemicals and a brillo pad...not really, but that is the dumbed down version. They will be able to remove all of the paint and 'stuff' from the floors, and then stain all of the hardwoods the same color. I've heard good and bad things about the I'll let you know how they do. They are scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday afternoon...keep your fingers crossed.

And say adios to the dark and dingy fireplace and hola to the recently primed fireplace! The color chosen will be a cream official Kilz color picked yet. I may have to stray...Home Depot is closer to work than WalMart is!

Doesn't it brighten up the room?!? And Shane was able to clean all of the soot and stuff out so we are starting fire on a clean slate!

And, last but not least, the hallway from hell. Jennie and Katie started this project last weekend, thinking they would be taking down wallpaper. Well, wallpaper came off and revealed more wallpaper underneath, which was apparently adhered to the walls with something similar to Super Glue. Which is where Manny comes he attempts to start taking down the second layer of wallpaper, it starts to rip off layers of the sheetrock. Which apparently, in the 1960's sheetrock was a beautiful shade of teal. So after he literally puts blood, sweat, and tears (I am sure that he had at least 5 nervous breakdowns in the bathroom) into this project, skim coats with plaster of Paris (not sure if you capitalize that's a proper noun, right?), we are ready for some paint....which I don't have picked out yet. But I think I'll let Shane take the lead on this one...he loves Dried Fava...again for the Kilz fans. Do I have any Duron lovers out there? Sherwin Williams fans - get your hands up! Benjamin Moore, you in the house?...(silence) Moving right along!
This past weekend was rough. My dad, who is a renovating/moving/yardwork machine, even sat out on Sunday. But he was there every day this week...I simply stopped by to supervise his work. :)
I can definitely say that this is MUCH harder than I thought that it would be. I don't know if I'll ever say any of the following phrases EVER AGAIN:
"Oh, this color sucks. No biggie...we can just paint it!"
"Hardwood refinishing isn't that big of a deal, is it?"
"Let's take this wallpaper down."
"Hey Shane, let's buy a fixer upper! That would be super fun!"
Well, I might say the last one again, but it will be when I am at a point in my life and career where I have at least $5K per month spending money to pay people to paint, do yard work, take down wallpaper, clean, etc., etc., etc. I will be anxiously awaiting that day...
We plan to move in this weekend. We have to move in this weekend - I need furnished pictures for next week's blog entry... :)