Saturday, October 18, 2008

Frigi-Dare You to Buy One...

So, this story picks up with my washer not working at all, but my plumbing seeming to be fine...

I contacted Frigidaire about my washer not working, and told them that it just stopped draining and spinning...what caused this - "Well, I have no idea, it just stopped working." So they send someone out on Thursday between 9-12 to fix it. The guy came out and pulled the pump out and it was filled guessed it - my freakin' rug. So it's fixed - yay! We run a couple of test loads with just water and drain it into a big cooler. Still pumping out red fuzz.

The plumber came back out on Friday to test the washer line, now that the washer was working, and to replace the toilet. After about 45 minutes of digging in the drain line, he pulls guessed it again - my freakin' rug! We put the washer drain line back in the washer drain and try a couple of test loads and everything is working great!

Friday night, I'm thinking that I will go ahead and start getting caught up on my mountains of laundry. I put in the covers to Beau and Brother's beds - just two pieces...just in case. The cycle runs for about 25 minutes and then just stops. I'm, of course, just sitting in front of the washer watching it spin and do its thing, so when it stops AGAIN - I have mental flashes of slitting my wrists with the dryer vent or maybe bashing my head in with the bottle of washing detergent. I can't believe that this is not fixed! I had plans to go to Athens today, but clearly that didn't happen since this needs to be done with...the sacrafices that I make. :)

I call the washing machine repair people this morning at exactly 8 - no answer. Okay, maybe they don't get in until 9 on I wait until 9. Still no answer. I call Frigidaire again and they put me in touch with another repair company. I beg the guy to come today, but he insists that 'their schedule is full' and tells me he will be here on Monday between 10-2. At this time, I break down...yes...I cried.

Okay, Stacy, let's act like an adult and stop freaking out. You need to wash your clothes, being that you are down to your last pair of undies. What do people with no washers and dryers do? Laundrymats. Wow. That is a big step.

I pull up to Glad Rags on Spring Street and unload my 8 loads of laundry. I kind of wander around for a second, not really knowing where I am or what I should do. I see 6 washing machines that are open (and looking really decrepit) - so I set up shop and start cramming my laundry in. Including two more rugs...hee hee. :) I carefully read the instructions on the machine and follow them precisely. I also, for the first time, used liquid fabric softener - love that BTW! Then I go to pay and get everything going, and it is $2 a load to wash...well, of course I grabbed some change at the house - but not enough. So I have to ask a fellow laundymattian where the closest ATM is - she is very nice and helpful - and very fluent in English - so I'm off. I take out $25 and head back to the Glad Rags.

I'm standing there, next to the rolling baskets like you see in the movies, and I'm thinking - this is freakin' awesome. I'm getting six of my eight loads of laundry done and it's only going to take me the time of one load. And the dryers there are huge - and industrial! They only take like 20 minutes to dry a load! Freakin' amazing. I get everything done, folded, and loaded back in the car and head home feeling very proud of myself for going to the laundrymat. :) I think that I may even open one...hmmm a jewelry boutique/laundrymat...or a jewelry making boutique and a laundrymat. So many options! And I spent all of my $25 there - what a gold mine.

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