Friday, July 25, 2008

Death to the Rent-A-Center

So, as we are all aware...Rent-A-Center, while a VERY lucrative organization, is a sucky business. My goal for this blog post is that I say Rent-A-Center so many times that when people Google it - my blog pops up here goes.

We rented the rent-a-fridge from Rent-A-Center after not having the refrigerator left with our new house. I mistakingly thought that it would be cheap to rent a fridge - but that was just not true. So when I got to the Rent-A-Center, I told the worker that I would pay a month upfront because I do not have the time nor the want to visit the Rent-A-Center store once a week. He was 'impressed' by this...I know, I'm rollin' in it. So I asked the Rent-A-Center worker the question that if I decided to turn the fridge in before the month was up, would I get a refund for the money that I paid that was not used. His response was Yes.

So, we keep the fridge for about 2 1/2 weeks and then decide to buy the great stainless steel side-by-side that you see in the pics below...Love it, by the way! So I call Rent-A-Center and ask for my rent-a-fridge to be picked up on Tuesday (7/8). The Rent-A-Center workers come by, tell me that they didn't bring their handtruck to take it out the front door - so they will NEED to use my handicap ramp. The handicap ramp is already a sore spot with me...let's not act like you really need to use it for a 20 pound fridge. My puppies could carry this thing on their back all the way to the Rent-A-Center...but I digress. So they are rolling down the ramp and I ask 'Hey, do I need to sign anything?' 'Nope, you're good - have a good afternoon!' 'K! Good riddance!' And it was done.

Fastforward to the following Thursday...I receive a call from Rent-A-Center reminding me that my next payment was due that day and that I needed to be at the Rent-A-Center before 7 p.m. to make my weekly payment. I'm immediately thrown into a fit of rage - so I call them back. I tell the Rent-A-Center worker that the fridge was picked up the previous Tuesday, but that I was glad that he called, because Rent-A-Center actually owed me money. He does the 'oooohhhhh...let me check' and then comes back and tells me that they don't do refunds. I ask why and his response was...(drum roll please)...that isn't Rent-A-Center policy. So I tell him that when I came up there and paid for the fridge I specifically asked that question and was told that I would get my money back if I didn't keep it for a month. He tells me to hold on, and then comes back and says that his manager says no refund. So I tell him to let me speak to his manager...which was standing at the same counter as the other Rent-A-Center worker when I was renting the monstrosity 4 weeks ago. He tells me that it was in the contract that I signed...okay, well who really keeps their Rent-A-Center contract?? Mine as well had been written on a bar napkin in my opinion...He then tells me that he pulled up my contract and there was a section that said "There are no refunds if you choose to return the property before the end of the term." So what is the term? You wanted me to pay weekly...which in a way I did, I just paid 4 weeks upfront. He couldn't tell me what the 'term' was...And I'm not a lawyer, but the 'term' is not stated anywhere in the contract...which seems like a really loose contract.

So he finally tells me that he won't be able to give me my money back...he said that he totally agreed with me (yes, he did!) but that his manager would have to give me my money back. Okay, so tell me your manager's name and give me his number...he then proceeds to rattle off 1-800-blah blah option1 for customer service. Okay, so your manager is a customer service operator?? 'No, that is just the best way to file a complaint.' I didn't say this, but I was thinking it really hard, 'So you just lied to me again? First I can get a refund - and that was a lie. Now - you are going to give me your manager's name and number and you direct me to a customer service center...probably in India.' No thanks. So I eventually get a regional office number - which I haven't called. Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center.

In all actuality, they owe me $ the grand scheme of things - this is a trivial amount - I know. But in the minutia that I like to live in - this is my money and I want it back. In this day and age, people that work for company's can say whatever they want to sell a product, but are never required to pay for their actions. I'm getting my money might just be after I get back from Cabo. :) Sianara for a week!

Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center.

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  1. You are crazy - love it! Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center, Rent-A-Center haha