Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Wow - two blog posts in one day! I just couldn't wait to talk about this...

All of the pictures below were taken by my dad today during lunch with his personal camera. The picture that was taken of me and my mom in the master bedroom (from my post on Tuesday) was taken with my camera. Is it just a coincidence that both pictures, taken by different cameras, have white bubbly spots on them? Again, is that the lighting...or is that a ghost?

I'm actually going to assume that it is dust (for my own sanity). According to, orbs are dust particles in the air that are highlighted by the flash of the camera or the natural light in the room. Multiple orbs in a photo are more than likely dust particles...not a supernatural spirit (i.e. a ghost dressed in a white sheet with eye holes waiting to pop out of a dark corner.)Thank God. Ghost Study recommends that if you are really trying to search for paranormal activity you should use an actual 35 mm camera...but who still has one of those? Guess I'll never know...

Take a look and decide for yourself!

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