Thursday, March 28, 2013

6 Months Old!

Baby Lola is 6 months old! Time is flying...

 Everything goes in her mouth...that includes the collar of her jacket. 
She loves her feet!

And her half birthday prezzies from her dad - new jammies and rompers, a book and a toy. Spoiled much? ;)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Goodwill Find: Before and After

I snagged these beauties a few weeks ago for $1.21 at the local Goodwill. BTW - why are they priced so randomly? Couldn't be $1.25 or $1.20? Anyway, I did a little spray painting and we now have some cute new bookends for Lola's bookshelf!

Before (mauve and gold - yum):

And while I was at it, I needed to repaint a star that was on her collage wall. I originally painted it a turquoise before we knew she was a she...and now I think her room needs a bit more pink - so voila:

Her new collage wall - I love love love it!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Face Lift

The renovations have begun! My dad had scheduled to have the house painted before we decided to 'trade' - and they were able to get it done last week!



Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patty's Day and Jim Turns 55

This year's St. Patty's Day was way different than last year (I was able to have a drink) and even more different than the year before (we partied like it was 1999) - but we had a good time and also got to celebrate my dad's birthday! 
 Low Country Boil - delish
 G-Daddy (who is now the ripe age of 55) and Lola 
 With Uncle Patrick
 Me, Pat and Topher with Lola in her Jumperoo. She LOVES to jump!
 Looking at their reflection
 Close up of her gorgeous little face
 Me and my girl. (This is one of maybe 3 pictures of her and I together - I have to get better at getting pictures of us together!)
Lola and her Daddy
Rockin' the Jumperoo

Also, funny enough, it was this same day last year that we told my dad that we were going to have a baby! Check out this video...and I had just gotten my iPhone at the time so forgive the awkwardness of me filming my own face in the beginning. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Okay, Seriously.

I've got to get better at blogging. It's crazy that I thought that when becoming a stay at home mom I'd have so much time for blogging, decorating, working out, etc., etc., etc. - then I came to the realization that I also have a child to care for. And one who is now almost 6 MONTHS OLD (holy growing baby!) and does more than just sleep all day. Sooo....I don't get any of that stuff done unless Shane is around. But, such is life and I know that I am so lucky to be able to stay home and raise my sweet Lola. 

Anywho, moving on. A good bit has happened since January (sadly, the last time I blogged) - here's a recap:

Lola turned 4 Months Old:

Lola turned 5 Months Old:

She made Valentine's cards for her grandparents and Daddy and wore a ridiculously cute warm up suit:
We finally got around to painting Lola's room, but I don't have final 'After' pics yet, nor do I have 'Before' pics. Just imagine this room...a different color:

As far as other house projects go, my dad actually had the house painted today, we hope to have a fence up in the coming weeks and we're looking at doing some work in the kitchen. And more painting - the story of our lives. I promise to take pics of the house and post tomorrow!