Saturday, December 22, 2012

2 Months Old...3 Months Old...I Must Get Better at Blogging!

Time is flying by these days...I can't believe it's already Christmas, Lola is three months old and - believe it or not - we've actually moved in this middle of all this! 

Here is another update in photos, minus the house...haven't had a chance to snap pics of everything yet. 
 2 Months Old!
 Christmas dress...complete with bib because I was petrified that she would spit up on the dress before we saw Santa. 
 Admiring the Christmas tree with Dad. 
Visiting Santa with Aunt Katie. She was out!
 Three Months Old! Kicking up a storm and showing off her belly. 
 Four Generations...Grandad, Steve (Shane's Dad), Shane and Lola

More to come about the house! Merry Christmas to all!