Monday, June 16, 2008

All Settled In...

Yeah right!

We have had a lot of progress over the past few days! All of the flooring is complete - hardwoods and tile look great, and we moved in on Saturday! The house is a complete disaster, which is to be expected, and we have come to the realization that we are going to have to get rid of a lot of Shane's stuff. :) Our cabinets just will not accomodate the 1,846,845 beer glasses that he has in his collection!

We have made our way through the kitchen stuff - not having a fridge really sucks. No cold beer, nothing to keep leftovers in, no cold water (unless you want to drink tap water, ugh) is amazing how we take things like that for granted. And not having a washer and dryer is proving to be a nuisance as well...I think that we may make a couple of late night trips back to Oakbrook to use the w&d!

I have no pics for this post because my camera batteries are dying and I can't find my charger...We are unpacking the bedroom tonight - so hopefully I'll find them and take some pics so that you can all see the pigstye that is our home right now. Also, check out the poll on the side - I'm soliciting suggestions as to how to handle the backsplash. Since we are now officially BROKE - I'm open to all creative suggestions!

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  1. Hey Stacy - I can't wait to see the new house. While I am sure it is a mess right now, you just moved in and I know it will look awesome once you're really settled in. And, I voted on the backsplash - too funny! Find those camera batteries so we can see some more pics of the house. Hopefully, Jon and I will not be too far behind you guys. Congratulations!!!!!