Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bad News: Everything is Falling Apart!

Well, I didn't mention the drain line because we had no intention of replacing it until Sunday rolled around...

I'll start this story by prefacing that Sundays are not normally my cleaning days. Due to travel schedules, I was forced to do it this day or wait until the following Thursday - which was completely out of the question. So, Shane and I are cleaning and I ask him to put a couple of small rugs in the washer. 'Babe, do you want to wash some clothes first before the rugs?' 'No I do not - I want the rugs to be washed and dried before it is time for my shower later.' So Shane throws in three small forward 30 water is quickly seeping from under the washer. It also contains a lot of peices of my rug. So I stop the washer and wipe up the water. Shane pulls the w/d out of the closet (next house WILL have a laundry room - BTW) so that we can get the water and stuff from behind. Well, we can't pull it far enough out, due to the angles of the room, to get behind it so we have to do it Ringling Brothers style and climb on top of the dryer (which sits on top of the washer) and use various house tools (swiffer, broom, vacuum hose, etc.) to try to wipe up the water. So what is wrong with it? I don't know.

So Shane and I just decide to move on. I'm going to go ahead and take my shower and we'll just get out of here...abandon ship. So I go to take a shower, and the water is not draining AT ALL. After the water has been on for 30 seconds, I'm already standing in an inch of water. So I yell for Shane and ask him to bring me the Drano. Shane arrives with the Drano and asks 'Is there a reason that the bottom of the bottle is wet?' 'Umm...not that I'm aware of. I guess the kitchen sink is now leaking.' Shane goes and there is now an inch of water under the kitchen sink. Meanwhile, I pour the remaining half of the bottle of Drano in the drain - and does it work? No. I continue to take a shower and figure the water will drain eventually. We go along our merry way and just chalk the day up to a wash (ha ha, no pun intended).

The next morning, I go to take a shower before work (it's nice to do that sometimes :)) and there is red fuzz covering the tub. So...everything is it. I turn the water on and it still is not draining. Well, I am not stepping in there with all that gunk - so I clean it - and take another shower in an inch of water. Miserable. Shane decides to take the day off so that we can get this mess figured out - and heads out to Home Depot to buy some good drain cleaner. Like meth-making material type drain cleaner. Meanwhile I'm sitting at work freaking out....those who know me will not be surprised by this. So I call Shane and tell him that I've had enough and I'm calling a plumber. A plumber comes out and tries to snake the washer drain line - but can't even get the snake in. He does some other stuff and gets under the house and comes to the conclusion that our drain line needs to be replaced. It is cast iron and original to the house - so about 50 years old. It has corroded so badly that water can barely make it through. When we had our inspection, we didn't realize that 'main lines' don't include the drain we assumed that everything had been replaced. Not true. And want to know what his quote was - $3800!

I immediately contact my home warranty company, and they tell me that they are sending another plumbing company out to take a look. They come out yesterday, and tell me that they are now going to snake the main lines, instead of the washing drain line, in hopes to get some of the gunk out. Who knew that your drain lines were also vented on your roof? The plumber gets on the roof and shoves this snake-type electrical thing down each of the three roof vents. It is so loud and you can hear it coming down the walls inside...freaky. Once he does this, he comes in and we do a walk through - to find that the pipe made it's way up into a toilet and busted the porcelain. So - new toilet added to the checklist. He did volunteer to pay for it (umm...yeah!) so that was nice.

Next step, test the washer. Oh, wait - did I forget to mention that that doesn't work AT ALL any more?? Yeah, when it rains it pours. Getting in touch with Frigidaire was a whole other story - which I will save for another day since this post is turning into a thesis instead of a short story. Stay tuned to see how it all 'bubbles' up! Still not funny.

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