Friday, November 14, 2008

Forgot to Update: Washer and Drain Lines are Great!

Oops...forgot to give the update on what happened with the washer and drain line situation! Per my post about the laundrymat, someone was scheduled to come out the following Monday to repair the washer - AGAIN. He did just that and pulled out another hunk of my rug. I told Shane to make him stay and run a full cycle to see if it would work after that - he did, and he did. Everything was in tip top shape! Shane and I were able to slide the set back into the microscopic laundry corner and we were a functioning household - once again!

And my drains are draining better than ever! No water backups on Honeysuckle Drive!

However, I have done the quick math on this situation:
Rug from Garden Ridge (paid for with a gift certificate): $14.99
Paying a plumber to dig that rug out of all of the drain crevices in my home: $380
Knitting a sweater out of the rug remnants for my first born child...Priceless.

Moral of the story - don't wash rugs. And if you do, destroy the evidence immediately and play dumb.

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