Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ahhh...the life of a homeowner

I just have to first say that I am so psyched that everyone is actually reading my blog! I saw it mentioned on CNN last night and was just so blown away! :)

So...what's been happening? Well, Shane has been out of town for the past week, so between the dogs, not having any food in our new rent-a-fridge, and me being unmotivated...not much has been done. Here is our bedroom...which Gretchen has commented that it looks like a baby's room:

I'm going for the brown and blue once I get my headboard up, and get rid of the purple sheets, and get my stuff situated...this will be a nice and relaxing bedroom oasis.
Next room is the guest bedroom. I call this one traditional trailer (nice furniture to go along with the puttied holes in the walls). Before and after:

I will be painting this room...just don't know what color yet. I thought about straying from Kilz and looking into the Ralph Lauren Metallics...but that takes way too much work and effort. I'll try that in the bathroom. Maybe.
And the rest of the house...the fireplace still isn't painted, the living room isn't painted, the hallway isn't painted, the sitting room can't be sat in, and the kitchen is just alright...but by god look at that tile! Ain't it a beaut!

Just want to thank Yao Ming for helping us unpack as well...

And thanks to everyone who participated in the backsplash survey. My only problem is that the majority of you don't agree with me...what is wrong with ya'll? :) That thing is coming out - QUICK! That is right after we have the TV mounted on the fireplace, get everything painted, get the yard fixed up, and get new I'd say by 2020 this thing is history!

And don't worry, Shane will be home tonight and we will not be leaving the house this weekend until everything is in it's place and all decorated. So I promise to have better pictures (Better Homes & Garden quality) next week...or maybe this weekend...


  1. Can you guys introduce me to Yao Ming?

    The house looks great - it's certainly coming together - CONGRATS!

  2. I think the tile looks awesome! I haven't seen pics since the beginning - you guys have done more than you think!!