Thursday, November 18, 2010

Runaway Dogs

Tuesday was a scary day…our dogs, Beau and Brother, got out of the backyard and decided to take a morning jaunt around the neighborhood.

I was getting ready for work and let them out to go to the bathroom one last time before I left for work. I come back maybe 10 minutes later --- and they are gone. ‘Brother! Bo-Bo! Come inside and get in your beds!’ (Yes, I have to fully explain to them why they are coming in or they will just stand there and stare at you. They need details, damn it.) Nothing. I peep my head out and our side gate is wide open…holy crap. So, what do I do? I walk outside in my robe, house shoes and frightening hair and stand in the middle of the driveway and shout for them. They are no where…

And I continue to stand there…what do I do? Did they run away? Did someone take them? How did that gate get open? Why am I still standing here?

I run inside, grab my purse, get in my car and just start driving. It’s raining and I have my windows down, driving around screaming their names. I was trying to listen for dogs barking or women screaming, because they sometimes have that affect on people, but nothing…

After 20 minutes of nothing, I start crying hysterically. I call Shane. No answer. So, I call five more times, back to back. I finally talk to him and start crying even harder…

After 25 more minutes, I’m driving down a side street and see Beau tearing across someone’s yard. I immediately throw my car in park, throw down my phone and get out of my car (in the middle of the road) and scream “BEAU! GET YOUR &*(%$^* $#@ IN THIS CAR RIGHT #$%^&* NOW!” He declines. He continues to jog away from me. I have to change my tactics…”Bo-Bo, come get in the car buddy…come on!” He walked over and I asked him (as if he could respond) “Where’s your Brother, buddy?” Brother magically appears on the other side of the car…he’s a little creepy sometimes.

The events following their capture consisted of my leather seats being covered in muddy footprints, a couple of scratches, the smell of wet dog and vomit, spankings and then the silent treatment.

But how could you not love these guys?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

3 Reasons for a Hard Week

Three reasons why this week has been especially hard on me: 
  1. Shane has been in a training class and has to leave the house at 6:45 a.m. This means that I am awake earlier…that’s right, I’m not normally awake at 6:45 a.m. on a weekday. 
  2. I have been insatiably hungry. It’s embarrassing when I have to tell my husband not to judge me on how much I’m eating.
Shane: Didn’t you just eat two plates of spaghetti?
Stacy: Don’t judge me! I’m hungry! I had a light lunch!

Me, after one more week of this gluttonous behavior

3. I’m not a fitness fanatic but I do typically work out several times during the week. This   week, not so much…a couple of walks on the treadmill…the rest of my time has been spent eating.

I’ll blame this bad mood on the culmination of Daylight Savings Time. What is the point of rolling your clock back so that you spend more time in the dark? Help stop the madness.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Work Stalkers

I typically don’t post a lot of information about work but I feel this topic can translate to all people and professions.

Do you have someone at work that stalks you? Or that stalks someone else and you are just witness to it… Well, I am…and it is really sad to watch. Partly because the stalker is ineffective…so here are a few tips that I often want to shout in their face as they walk by my desk every 20 seconds:
  • Be quiet when stalking. The stalkee shouldn’t be able to hear your footsteps when you are still 50 feet down the hallway. Consider wearing house shoes when in the office if this is an uncontrollable problem. 
  • Don’t linger. If you are stalking, be sleuth. Don’t stand outside someone’s office waiting for them. Don’t walk back and forth in front of their office waiting to be invited in. You are a stalker, remember?
  • Don’t be over-eager. ‘I just sent you an email, did you get it?’ Ummm, no because your little legs carried you over here faster than the fiber optic cables that carry our electronic information at 1000 miles per hour. Stalker.
  • Don’t be rude to everyone except for your stalkee. It’s obvious. When you don’t acknowledge anyone’s existence and then all but crap your pants when the stalkee is around…it’s noticeable. Stop it. You are making me doubt myself and my importance when YOU are the one that is a stalker.
Now, if you are the stalkee in the situation – I feel for you.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Holy Belts and Shants - Check It Out

Shane just recently started his own blog…that he updates daily. I guess he’s trying to outshine me. Impossible.

The name of his blog is the title of this post. While it is a little random,it comes from two of Shane’s pet peeves: people tucking their shirts in and not wearing belts and people wearing really long shorts (mix shorts and pants, you get shants). He talks about sports, politics and random stuff…go check it out! (And note the date stamp on the latest post...sheesh.)

But don’t forget to pop back over here once every three weeks for my monthly post.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Actual Conversation: Mine Versus Ours

Shane enters stage left and goes into the bathroom. Stacy hears plastic ruffling.

Stacy: Shane, are you using my new face wipes?
Shane: What?
Stacy: You heard me…are you using my new face wipes?

Shane enters the bedroom stage left.

Shane: I thought that they were ‘our’ face wipes.
Stacy: Oh, your right. I’m glad you said that because I’ve been using your fancy razor that you left in the shower.
Shane: Are you kidding me?!? You better not be!
Stacy: I thought you said everything was ‘ours?’
Shane: Well, that’s different. Are you really using it?
Stacy: No, of course not. (smile)

Next morning, Stacy enters the bathroom stage right and the razor is no where to be found.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday Goodies

My birthday was October 22 and I can truly say that Shane went above and beyond for the event this year! Here is the rundown:

Friday: Got my prezzies including this bad boy:

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that I can actually figure out how to use it and then start taking phenomenal pictures…which get recognized by someone who will pay me thousands of dollars for a single image. Yep, that’s my goal.

After the prezzies, I got a massage, soaked in the whirlpool, had lunch and drinks on a patio and dinner with the family.
Me and Mom (aka Wandawg)

And these are my prezzies:
My 'on the go' camera from Mom
New Coach makeup bags
New jacket from Dad and Greta

Saturday: Slept in, went to an Oktoberfest festival in Smyrna, came home and hung out with friends.
Cowboy Face
Group Rock, Paper, Scissors:

Sunday: Lunch on a patio with Shane and my brother and Paranormal Activity 2. And for those who haven’t seen this movie, go today. Right now. It is so good and scary. My brother, after the movie said, ‘I don’t really know if I like to feel that anxious and scared for that long of a period of time.’ I concur.

Thanks to all my friends and family who made this birthday super special! :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween! (Two Days Late)

I'm always no better time than November 2 to recognize Halloween and share costumes from Saturday night's costume party!

Shane: The Cat's Pajamas and Stacy: Happy/Surprised Mime
Beauregard: The Jester
Brother: The Pirate
For the record, they both hated their costumes and kept them on a combined 12 seconds before they tried to rip them apart.
Danielle: Candy Corn
Austin and Kel: Blind Man and Fallen Angel
Jose: The Deadliest Catch fisherman
Branden: Rick Moranis from Ghostbusters...and the Cat's Pajamas, again
And the winner of the night is...Jason as Hollywood Hogan! This costume was classic!
Other shots from the night:

 This was a guy...dressed as a girl tennis player. It was scary how much he really looked like a girl.
 I have no clue...
 The Guys...
Hope everyone had a great Halloween...Welcome, November!