Monday, July 30, 2012

New Curtains and Book Ledges

It's coming along! Over the past week, we've:

  • Gotten the room straightened up
  • Ordered and received the curtain fabric
  • Purchased and hung book ledges
  • Bought a crap load of baby books!
  • Started buying diapers and organized them in the dresser drawers
Check it out!
Excuse the dog tail. They think this is their new room.
Curtains - still need to be ironed and hemmed. 

Dresser drawers - holy crap we actually own diapers, that will go on a baby, in like 9 weeks:

Still finalizing the art for above the crib and a gallery wall for above the dresser...but almost done!

Friday, July 20, 2012

More Nursery Pics!

As I mentioned, the nursery painting was hard. Really hard. Here are some photos to specifically document our painting process:
Don't forget the before shot. 
 Did I mention 5 coats of paint on the trim? 
 Two coats for the gray - love, love, love it!
 Just ignore that huge black spot on the floor. That was a surprise that the former owners covered up with carpet. 

A little bit of a messy shot but here is the new rug (covering up said black spot), a possible ottoman (we'll see how it works with the glider that is coming soon) and other nonsense scattered about. Just keeping it real here, folks. Next pic will be cuter, promise. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baby Bump: 26 and 27 Weeks

I completely spaced and didn't take a 25 week bump shot. Oops. But I did get 26 and 27!

26 weeks:
 27 Weeks: 

I'm 29 weeks today - only 11 more weeks to go!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Babymoon: Port St. Joe, Fl.!

During the week of 4th of July, me, Shane, Beau and Brother took a little trip to the beach. We wanted a super relaxing trip at a dog-friendly, non-crowded beach and Port St. Joe, Fl. was just that! 
 A desolate beach at sunset
 Shane and the Boys
 The boardwalk from our house to the was so close and so nice.
 Me and Shane...and my thunder thighs.
 Downtown Port St. Joe...this was hoppin.'

Yummy pizza place - Joe Mamas
 Our pizza...and Shane's beer. Jealous.
  Hanging out under the umbrella
 Their first look at the ocean 
Rainy day at the we went to Destin to go shopping. :)

And a few videos of Shane and the boys swimming. The water was pretty gross due to a hurricane coming through the week before but, overall, they were both brave little swimmers!

We all had a great time relaxing and just doing nothing for a week...wish we could go back!