Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Love October

I love fall. I love October (partially because it's the month of my birth, but still). And I LOVE Halloween. And now that the calendar has flipped to October 1, it is perfectly ligit for me to get out my orange and black Rubbermaid bins (yes, there are several) and start spookin' up the joint! Woo Hoo! Or shall I say, Boo Boo!

And as with every year, I like to add something new to my Halloween repertoire. Check out what I'm eyeing (that's kind of spooky, right? Eyeballs...Eyeing...hmmm.):

Cute little apron - Crate and Barrel:

Glitter Skull - Big Lots:

Spider Filler - Pottery Barn:While I was perusing, I found the rooster below. This sits on my counter in my kitchen - throughout the year - so is it a Halloween decoration and I've been confused all this time? I'm going to guess not, but nice try Target...putting the old lawn and garden stuff in with the Halloween items to move your product.

Here are some ideas from Martha (Stewart, that is) - very cute!

Only 30 days until Halloween...Mark your calendars!


  1. whacha goin' be for halloween?

  2. Did you ever buy the apron?

  3. JMika - I didn't buy the apron...but totally wish that I had! SO CUTE!