Monday, October 19, 2009

Landscaping By Toph

Well, it's not really landscaping, but my brother (Christopher - who often goes by Topher) has agreed to come over and do our dirty work...literally.
SUCKA!!!! (And I swear he isn't as ghetto as he looks in this pic...:)Love you, brother!) This week, he will take on the following tasks:
  • Move the rest of the fill dirt to the back yard and fill in against the house and under the deck
  • RoundUp under the deck and lay landscaping fabric
  • Move rock (from the concrete pad that we busted up) underneath deck
  • Lay pinestraw on top of all fill dirt in the backyard, including where the old concrete pad was and against the house
  • Lay pinestraw under azaleas by property line
  • Clean gutters
  • Pressure wash driveway and back of the house
  • Mow, weedeat, edge entire yard

Our hopes are to at least have everything squared away before it gets cold outside because, CLEARLY, Shane and I aren't going to do it. Once these things are taken care of, we can start a new landscaping plan (with a professional) in the spring and there won't be any clean up needed. I'm so excited! Excited to finally have my driveway back without sharing it with a six-month old pile of fill dirt, to stop making excuses for the 40 bales of pinestraw in my side yard, and to stop cleaning the red mud off Beau and Brother's paws when they run straight to the mud after a rain storm.

I'll post pics this week!


  1. I know! I'm so thankful that he agreed to do this for us...that kind of works SUCKS!

  2. He called me yesterday and he needs a wheel barrow. He says yours has no front wheel. I'm out of town, so he has no way to get a wheel barrow up there. I'm going to help him out on Friday.

  3. Mom - yeah, he mentioned that...thanks for helping him!