Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Landscaping Day 1 and Chopping

My brother made really good progress on the yard yesterday. He was able to:
  • RoundUp under the deck
  • Lay the landscaping fabric under the deck
  • Lay the pinestraw around the deck and next to the house

He also got creative and created a landscaping border with the busted up rock. It isn't going to win 'Yard of the Month' or anything but it actually looks pretty good to be functional and FREE!

He's going to come back on Friday and Saturday to finish the rest of the work.

What's the chopping about? Well, I have chopped all of my hair off! What was once this...

Is now MUCH shorter! I'll post a pic tomorrow!


  1. Wow! That IS really short. At least your Maria bangs are gone... I mean.. Not in this picture.