Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pumpkins and Guns

That’s right. That’s how I like to spend my Wednesday nights.

This week has been crazy at work. Like seriously, I have so much to do that it’s hard for me to even figure out what needs to be done first because they all need to be done right now. Ugh. Oh well, at least I have a job.

So, back to pumpkins and guns…Shane and I went to the State Farmers Market last night to get some punkins. Those at the grocery store are just sad and they are SO expensive, so we went straight to the source. Did I mention that I love October? And Halloween? And Fall?

Love the lumpy one!
Don’t you LOVE the white ones too?!? I’m going to do a little front door step arrangement with all of these. And then I plan to spray paint the little ones silver or something…I don’t know – it was Martha’s idea. Maybe I should stay true to the orange…

The location of the Farmers Market was a bit off-putting…being that it was even further south than Riverdale! I seriously thought that it was going to be at the airport, but Shane kept driving and driving and driving. It felt like we were probably 10 minutes from the Florida/Georgia border.

After we got back from the south side, I went to meet some friends from work at the shooting range. Yep, the shooting range. Sue, one of my co-workers, owns her own gun (jealous) and so she posed the idea of going to shoot and then get some drinks. However, we showed up at the shooting range and they informed us that we were too late to shoot. They are open until eight, but stop taking people at seven…but we are going back on a Saturday in the next couple of weeks.

Just to preface this somewhat weird event, I must share a story. I really like guns. Not like a crazy, hillbilly love for guns, but I think that, unfortunately, they are a necessary evil in today’s world and provide safety against the whack jobs that think they can just bust up in your house like they own it…or cut you off in traffic…or steal your buggy at the grocery story. Nuu-uh! Once they see you’re packin,’ they tend to back off.

About six years ago, dang – six years, me and my friend Andrea went to a shooting range for her birthday. We shot a Glock and had someone from the store in the range with us to show us how to operate it and explain the dangers, etc. It was so liberating. Not as liberating as getting a tattoo, but its right up there…I mean, think about it. You are holding something in your hand that could kill someone/something…not that I plan on doing either of those, but it sends me on a power trip for a few seconds until I have to give it back because I don’t own it. I plan to buy my own in 2010 – chock that up as one of my personal goals.

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