Friday, October 16, 2009

It’s Always Something: Tires Edition

It’s always something, right? Shane and I were getting ready last night to go meet a friend that is town for the weekend. Before we hit the interstate, we had to stop by the QT to put air in my tires. My tires are low profile and when the weather changes drastically my tire pressure fluctuates and releases air. It so nicely tells me this by screaming “LOW TIRE” on my screen, dinging every time I get in the car and displaying a hazard symbol. You’d think that it was trying to tell me there was a bomb under my seat, but no…just alerting me that additional air pressure is needed.

We stop to fill up the tire, take the cap off of the valve stem and air just starts shooting out. We try to keep putting air in (not sure why) but it was forcibly shooting out of the valve. Naturally, my first instinct is to assign blame, and let’s just say that I wasn’t putting air in the tires. J We are already running late, but now have to go back home, get Shane’s car, go to Kauffman tire and then head to our destination. So frustrating! I indicate on the form that I am going to call for my car first thing the next morning because I obviously have to go to work. I start freaking out a little, but Shane took me to work this morning, so that all worked out.

Kauffman called me first thing this morning:

Me: Hello?
Kauffman: Hey, this is Wesley at Kauffman.
Me: Hello.
Kauffman: So, we looked at your tires and you need to go ahead and replace the front two. They are almost bald on the inside and that means that more than likely the alignment is off.
Me: Okay, how much is that?
Kauffman: No dialogue needed here…he names off two ridiculously expensive prices.
Me: Uhhhh….okay, well I wasn’t really expecting that. What about the back left tire that had the valve stem issue? (YOU KNOW, THE THING I BROUGHT IT IN FOR!!!!!)
Kauffman: Oh, that’s fine. It’s covered under your warranty, so they’ll replace that stem and if they can’t they’ll just go ahead and replace the tire. You wanna go ahead and do the front two?
Me: I’m going to need to think about that for a bit. I’ll talk to my boyfriend and will call you back.

I was trying to get a valve stem fixed as a warranty item and pretty much got sucked into said ridiculously expensive price for two front tires. Was I looking to spend that money? Nope. Am I looking forward to getting my car fixed and spending money to ensure my safety? Nope. Did God make that valve stem break so that I would know my tires and alignment needed to be addressed? I’m not 100 percent sure, so I’ll say Nope.

On the real, can you convert low profile tires to normal tires?


  1. UGH! I'm SO sorry about this. Dev has to get new tires on her SUV and they were crazy expensive!!! I think it's just Lexus. :(

    As for your question: I have NO idea.

  2. Thanks, Big Pissy - it is SO frustrating! You think you want a luxury car until you have to start dealing with all the maintenance CRAP!