Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wedding Weekend, Fall Front Stoop, Landscaping Decisions...

Busy weekend this past weekend! Friday night I had dinner with Gretch while Shane had a few drinks with our friend, the groom-to-be, Alan. I came home right as it was starting to pour down rain and attempted to watch a movie, but fell asleep in like 10 minutes.

Saturday, Shane and I got up early to go back out to the Farmers Market for some mums as no fall decor is complete without some mums! I dropped Shane off at home so that he could watch the Georgia v. Tennessee game (and OUCH! is all I have to say...what a tough game) and I went shopping for a while. For me, for clothes and stuff - nothing house-related. I got home, ate a late lunch and started getting ready for Alan and Lindsey's wedding! It was a very intimate wedding, but very sweet. AND - I caught the bouquet...however, I was told before it was thrown that it would be aimed right at me. Nothing like reinforcement from your friends! :) Very pretty bouquet too:
The wedding was over at 10:30, so Shane and I headed back down our way and met up with some friends at a local spot. We had a fun time and were home around 2, which isn't too bad!

Sunday we got up and ate brunch at our fave spot, J. Christopher's. We then went home and started to set up our fall front stoop. First, we had to clean this black junk off of our front steps...not sure what it was but it smelled like mildew. So, it was probably mildew. We then set up our punkins and mums:
We also set some Georgia pumpkins and another mum over by the side door:
After this 1.5 hour project, we got ready to head to a friend's parents anniversary soiree and then over to see our friend's, Mike and Mandy's new house. It was very nice and we are super proud of them!

And on to landscaping decisions...I've decided that we are not going to continue to DIY the landscaping. It's impossible. And we have some things that HAVE to be done before it gets cold outside. Stay tuned for more information on this one...


  1. Well, maybe you’ll catch the bouquet this weekend. I’ll be sure to throw a few elbows for you.

    Did you paint those GA pumpkins? Very cute.

  2. Throw elbows for me or at me? :)

    No, a lady at the Farmers Market painted them for us. She free hand paints them and had a bunch of teams - Ga, Ga Tech, Falcons, etc.

  3. You caught the bouquet? Wow. I wonder who the lucky guy was that caught the garter? Probably some stud dancer. . . No not Shane.

  4. I did! I'm not sure who that guy was...I know he's been to my house once, but I just can't recall his name...