Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Hardware is ON!

The new door hardware was finally installed yesterday! Woo! The doors, besides painting, are finally complete. However, we got off to a shaky start when the installers first arrived…

They knock on the door and before they enter I stop them to ask what they brought with them – I need to ensure that you aren’t coming in here with some brass or another set of silver. They had the bronze and were thus allowed entrance to begin their work.

Everything is smooth sailing until they go to change the hinges and the guys says ‘Um, ma’am? These hinges are the wrong size.’ I just laugh and say, ‘I’m not surprised. They can’t seem to do anything right the first time…’ I believe that the installer had already gotten the scoop on what a pain in the ass my project was because he immediately apologized and volunteered to go to Home Depot. Long story short, he went, they had them, he came back an hour later and installed them. Completion.

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