Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Aftermath of the Break-In…

While it was Shane and I, the homeowners, who actually broke into the house…it has still been a traumatic experience. A big mess…no doorknob on the exterior…compromised security in our home…we need a new door. Here’s what I’m thinking:

And I must say that figuring stuff out about doors is very difficult. There are no prices on this specific door…anywhere. It could cost $100 or $1000 – not quite sure. I don't know what size door I have, but that's my own fault - I haven't measured. Do I want aluminum or steel? Do I want E-rated glass or not? I contacted someone from Pella Windows and Doors to come out next Wednesday to give us a quote, but we will probably be engaging Home Depot as well…

Hopefully, these doors will be reasonably priced and we can replace the one that we mauled on Tuesday and get a new side door as well. And rumor has it that they even make models that have blinds INSIDE the panes of glass…I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. We have the type with the blinds inside the glass. It is great with the dogs!