Friday, May 22, 2009

Fill Dirt = No Fun

I got home yesterday afternoon and our mulch and fill dirt had arrived and was sitting at the top of our driveway…taking up the whole space. I think that we may have ordered too much mulch, but oh well – we’ll find somewhere for it to go.

Last night, we finished mulching the bed on the left side (you remember, the one where I butchered the bushes), and then started to put the fill dirt up against the house in the backyard. Okay, here is my rant on fill dirt:
  • It’s red clay. Not dirt. Clay.
  • It’s really heavy, and difficult to move around with our one-wheeled wheelbarrow. Yeah, one tire is flat…but we still use it anyway.
  • It has rocks in it and big clumps of dirt that you have to break up with a hoe. That sucks.
  • It doesn’t spread evenly.

It took a lot of dirt to bring the ground beside the house up to the same level as the yard. What happens is that when it rains, the gutters overflow and all water just beats down on the dirt...just so you know. I don’t want anyone losing sleep over my erosion problems. But on another note, I’m having someone from GutterGuard come out next Wednesday to quote new gutters (Surprise, Shane! Love ya, mean it!).

Tonight’s plan consists of pruning the holly bushes and spreading mulch in that area and around another tree in our front yard. Just how I like to spend my Friday nights…

I hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend – I can’t wait to relax and not do yard work!

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