Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So our snake wrangler, Justin, who comes to our house every other day to check on our snake problem, has officially announced our home snake-free, but he has noticed an increase in ‘rodent activity.’ His plan is to patch all of the holes (I say ‘all the holes,’ but there are only like three) by the end of the week and start catching ‘things’ after that. He will continue to come back every other day because Shane, nor I, will be touching any rat traps, or excavating dead mice, or even going in the attic for that matter. We now both have an attic phobia.

When Justin was over yesterday, he set bait stations in the backyard, which has proved to be a pain because we now can’t just let the dogs roam out there (but I’ll TOTALLY take that over having rats). I assume that there is rat poison in the bait station and that just doesn’t seem to be a good situation. I would be embarrassed of having ‘rat stations’ in my backyard, but I don’t even think that my next door neighbors would notice…they are, well…they suck. Shane and I attempted to give them the heads up on the snake in the attic last week...the guy came out of his side door (we weren’t sure if he spoke English) and Shane and I said ‘Hey!’ You know the ‘Hey!’ that ends in a high pitch tone indicating that you would like to say something else after that? Well he responds ‘Hey’ and goes inside and slams the door behind him. Whatever dude, Sammy is packing his spend the night bag and coming over.


  1. Happy to hear you are snake less! How freakin’ scary!! I would not be able to sleep for 6 months!

  2. Yay! But now they the snakes are gone we have different visitors...I was very freaked out at first - but then was quite comforted by little Sammy in the attic. Weird. I know.