Monday, May 18, 2009

River Rock

We received our big shipment yesterday! Two tons of mulch, three tons of river rock and 55 bales of pinestraw…it sounds like a lot, but it actually isn’t.

Last night, Shane and I spread the river rock in the area in front of the driveway:


The pictures are dark, but you get the point. I will try to get some better shots in the daylight. Also, the rock looks a little orange, but I think that is the cast off from the porch light.

I am very pleased with the turnout – what do ya’ll think? This area gets very little sun, so grass isn’t an option, and the rock provides great erosion control. You will notice that the rock stops right before the azalea bushes on the left (which Shane and I butchered trimmed on Sunday, in the rain), which we had intended to also be rock. But after seeing it, I think that we could get some bigger cobblestones or some kind of landscaping border, cordon off the rock, build up the azalea beds a little, and use black mulch over there. Not sure…just tossing around some ideas. Bottom line is that we don’t want to have to spread any more rock around – that really sucked (for Shane).

Our goal is to not spend our entire Memorial Day weekend landscaping, so we are going to try to do a little bit each night this week. I believe that Tuesday night will consist of ripping out the crazy monkey grass in the front beds and spreading the mulch. We won’t have enough mulch to cover the entire area, so I’ll have to order even more. Who thought that a TON of something was a lot? This girl did…but apparently I was wrong.


  1. We are taking donations for my elbow that was pulled out of socket last night.

  2. Poor Shane!!! Stacy you need a whip! Lookin' good!

    Let's get together during the long weekend? Party at your place??

  3. Damn, Shane...there goes your NFL career that was going to make us millions. Way to go.

    D - Thanks! I don't know if we are ready for a 'party' yet, but maybe a small gathering...we'll see.:)