Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beau and Brother Turn 1!

Our baby boys turned one-year old on Saturday! Well, that isn't actually their birthday, but it is the one-year anniversary of when we rescued them and began to show them the good life. :)

May 2008 -
Beau weight: 16 lbs.
Brother weight: 13 lbs.
Food: Ate 1 cup of food per day/per puppy
Crate: Shared a 32" crate by putting a divider in the middle

May 2009 -
Beau weight: 80 lbs.
Brother weight: Roughly 70 lbs.
Food: Eat 4 cups of food per day/per mammoth dog
Crate: They each have their own 42" crate

Even though they are big, big boys - they are always our wittle, bitty squishy faced puppies!!!

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