Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Holes & Camelbaks

Our house’s holes have been repaired…thank god! Justin came by last week and repaired three holes: the huge gaping one on the side, one under the shingles in the back and one under the shingles in the front. I have no idea how a rodent or pest would be able to know that there was an entry point under the shingles, but I’m definitely glad that it’s fixed. Neither of us has been in the attic to see what’s going on up there, but on a good note – we don’t smell anything, which means that nothing is dead up there. Awesome.

On a side note, Shane and I bought these new Camelbak water containers this weekend and I absolutely love it. It has a straw in it which makes it so much easier to drink my 64 ounces, but you have to bite down on the straw and then suck…it’s like a little game that makes drinking water fun.

I’m planning to update on my goals tomorrow…a mid-month check-in. It’s going to be exciting and you won’t want to miss it. :)

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