Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mid-Month Goal Check-In

Let’s see how I’m faring on day 14 of this month…and by the way, I do recognize that this isn’t exactly mid-month, but close enough.

  1. Finish reading Breaking Dawn – Currently on page 487…almost done.

  2. Organize office files – Not done.

  3. Paint front door – If it will stop raining long enough, I plan to paint the front door black on Sunday.

  4. Paint kitchen trim – I’m dreading this…but I’ll try for Saturday.

  5. Paint kitchen and bathroom ceilings – I’ll do this when I paint the kitchen trim.

  6. Paint master bath and shower room – More than likely, this is going to roll to June.

  7. Get bamboo shade for kitchen – need to go to Wal-Mart, because they are the cheapest there, but the closest one to my house is absolutely frightening…and SO FAR down the East/West connector that I have to bring a snack and fill up twice.

  8. Sign up for 401K – So, I’ll just be honest that this goal basically equates to “Give away money out of your paycheck so that you can live on meager paychecks when your 70.” Not too anxious to knock this one out, but I did receive my PIN in the mail the other day.

  9. Figure out Breck medical bills – Yeah, again…’Give away money to a place whose debt collectors rarely call, and that my stupid insurance should have covered at 100% anyway.’ Enter the Michael Moore ‘Sicko’ movie…

  10. Make 1 new piece of jewelry – Yep, I’m going to do this. I’m thinking of something like this:

    Love that yellow!

Also, I’ve ‘ordered’ some stuff for the yard that will be delivered on Monday…EXCITING! And the type of stuff that I ordered can’t just sit around, so that means that landscaping the entire yard is on the calendar and within our sight!


  1. by 'stuff for the yard' do you mean 'yard art'??? love the necklace! and congrats on reading all the vampire books...i gave up half way through the 3rd

  2. No, not yard art...I already have my fair share of gnomes and windmills. This is something even MORE exciting. I'm getting through the books, but it is rough. I'm definitely losing momentum.