Monday, June 1, 2009


It’s June…really?

Shane and I had a jam-packed weekend…no house-related stuff, but we honestly just needed a break.

Friday: Shane and I went to a good friend’s little sister’s graduation party (did you follow that?). Lots o’ fun…and then we went to Wild West, a little bar down the street. It was interesting, to put it mildly, but I got to meet Bob Whitfield who most of you (or a rare one or two of you) will know as Sheree’s ex-husband from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Shane told me who he was, because of course I had no idea, so I ran up to him and introduced myself. (Five beers deep…the only reason I decided to approach.) I told him that I knew him because I was a big fan of RHOA, and he didn’t like that too much (joking, of course). I didn’t get a picture or autograph or anything, but I can tell you that this dude is TALL! At least 6’5”…other than that this bar was struggling. I’ve never seen so many redneck fights, muffin tops, or toothless men in my life…wow.

Saturday: We hung out on the lake all day with friends and had a great time! Our boat captain almost killed us a few times, but overall it was a really good time. We left the lake around 8, and then headed to my mom’s to pick up Beau and Brother. They got to hang out with G-ma all day and eat the plants that she was trying to plant…needless to say, they had a great time! On our way home, Shane calls and says that some friends of ours are at Vintage Tavern in Smyrna, so we decided to swing by and hang out for a while. I knew it was time to go home and go to bed while I was standing at the bar and felt myself swaying. Good night.

Sunday: Me, Gretchen, Lindsay and her boyfriend hit the lake up again. It was SO hot out there yesterday, and I also discovered this morning that as a result of that heat yesterday I have developed a gnarly case of sun poisoning. Nothing like having your body covered in a red, itchy rash.

And now on to the highlight of this post – how did the May goals go?

  1. Finish reading Breaking Dawn (DONE)
  2. Organize office files
  3. Paint front door
  4. Paint kitchen trim
  5. Paint kitchen and bathroom ceilings
  6. Paint master bath and shower room
  7. Get bamboo shade for kitchen
  8. Sign up for 401K
  9. Figure out Breck medical bills
  10. Make 1 new piece of jewelry

One out of ten...awesome. So what are June’s goals?

  1. Organize office files
  2. Paint front door
  3. Paint kitchen trim
  4. Paint kitchen and bathroom ceilings
  5. Paint master bath and shower room
  6. Get bamboo shade for kitchen
  7. Sign up for 401K
  8. Figure out Breck medical bills
  9. Make 1 new piece of jewelry

This is seriously getting embarrassing…wish me luck.


  1. Sun poisoning!?! That sucks! Had a great time hanging out 2 weekends in a row! Kirnfest makes 3! Maybe you should ditch Smyrna and come back to the Stock.

  2. Yeah, sun poisoning! It didn't itch at first, but now it is really itchy and annoying...that's all beside the fact that I still have it and it's Thursday!!!

    I had a great time hanging out too! Maybe ya'll should ditch the stock and come to Smyrna! All of you!