Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Master Bedroom Curtains and...Goals

We have finally gotten up one set of curtains in this house (besides the bamboo shades in the kitchen). It's probably not shocking that these are from IKEA, my home decor god, and were super $20 for two panels. I feel like they add a lot of height to the room and make it seem more 'complete.' What do you think?

Moving on to goals...I didn't really do too bad this month:

  1. Paint front door a deeper shade of red - Nope, and I've decided to paint it black again. Moving to September.
  2. Paint kitchen ceiling - Nope, moving to September.
  3. Make 2 new pieces of jewelry (DONE) - Yep, check them out here!
  4. Finish landscaping backyard (moving concrete pad, pinestraw, grass seed) - We did some of this, but not all of it. I'm moving some of it to September and making it more specific.
  5. Read two books - Yep - Time Traveler's Wife and Kisscut
  6. Have new windows/doors installed - Half of this was completed - the windows were installed and the doors are going in on September 9.
  7. Pay the water bill (DONE) - Yeah, I was competent enough to pay my water bill this month! High five!

September Goals:

  1. Paint the freaking front door black. Enough already.
  2. Paint the kitchen ceiling. Geez.
  3. Make 2 new pieces of jewelry (including super secret ring project).
  4. Read 2 books.
  5. Have doors installed and painted. (That's right - we ordered them primed and not painted. I clearly have no problems with getting doors painted in a timely fashion...per goal #1 that has rolled over 5 times.)
  6. Clean up under deck area (i.e. Spray Round-up, lay landscaping fabric, put rocks on top)
  7. Lay pinestraw by the house and by backyard Oak.
  8. Buy paint for master bath.

These seem reasonable - I'm confident I can accomplish at least two of them.

Hope that everyone is having a happy Hump Day! Only two more days until the long weekend, but for Shane and I - we are getting started early and leaving tomorrow for Destin! I'm working half a day and we are heading down at around 1, putting us there by 7. So excited!


  1. Looks really good. I always love white curtains but never do it in my own home. Strange.

  2. Thanks, Kim! I've never done white curtains either, so this is my first foray, but they are just so simple...and easy...and cheap! Can't go wrong with that!

  3. I love the curtains (of course!) and think they definitely add to the room!! I also like your shelves- is that new?? Your goals crack me up. Enough already with the front door. LOL I love the jewelry you made and can't wait to learn more about this super secret project!!

  4. Thanks, Kel! The shelves are about a year old...but I never really 'highlighted' them on the blog. As far as goals, it's just sad...enough said.