Thursday, September 17, 2009

Door Drama

Were the doors installed today? Hell.No.

Here’s the situation:
  • We ordered both the windows and doors before Memorial Day weekend. Windows are custom order…okay. Doors take 6 weeks, but the windows take 8-10, so we were good. We were told they would come together.
  • About two months later, we get a call to schedule our window and door installation. We get another call the day of installation saying that they couldn’t come because it was raining where they were…and they didn’t have any doors to install.
  • About a month after that, they call to install the windows and doors. Both items arrived and were ready for install. Yay! They arrive at my house with the wrong doors. Hello? – I asked for two aluminum, full light doors with no grids and brushed bronze hardware, not a solid mahogany, steel reinforced, arched door with my name spelled out in wrought iron…is it really that hard?
  • They said that my REAL doors would be on the truck the following Saturday (which to account for time, was the Saturday after Labor Day) and they would be installed the following Wednesday…last Wednesday. I call last Tuesday to confirm and I’m informed that the doors weren’t on the Saturday truck, but that they would be on today’s truck…Thursday of the following week.
  • I call yesterday to confirm that they would be installed today. I get some attitude, and excuses about rain, but I was on the schedule and they had tracked the doors and were sure they would be here today. They call this morning around 10 a.m. to let me know they are on their way…

**Please note: For the sake of time, I leave out my color commentary, snide remarks, and the tone of my high school teenager-type attitude that I included in all of my correspondence with this vendor.

Here is where the drama ensues: I’m sitting in a department meeting, and keep getting calls from the door installer. I email Shane and ask him to call them, and a few minutes later I get a response ‘Call me, they brought the wrong doors.’ I read it, pause, and proceed to have an Ally McBeal moment in which I imagined myself screaming ‘WTF!’ and turning into the Incredible Hulk, throwing tables around, breathing fire and biting off the heads of my co-workers and peers.

I talk to Shane after the meeting and he informs me that they brought doors that opened the wrong way (we needed right hand doors, they brought left hand doors). He said that they looked at the doors and the setup of our room and there is no way they would have worked…I told him that that was a good thing – because if I had come home to doors that opened the opposite way in which they did this morning before I left for work, I would have had an Ally McBeal moment in which I scream ‘WTF!’ and turn into the Incredible Hulk, tear the house down, pull down the power lines, eat the small dogs next door and bite off the neighbors’ heads.

I called my sales rep at 11:35 a.m. and told him that I was pissed. Apparently, it was the manufacturer’s fault…Window World ordered the right doors, but they shipped the wrong ones. They told Shane that, and he promptly ended the BS’ing by responding that he works in Logistics and he knows it’s always common practice to check your junk before you take it off the truck. Boo Ya! And what YOUR manufacturer does is none of my concern….give me my freakin’ doors. I told my sales rep that if I had to wait until the ‘truck comes in’ that I wanted my order cancelled. I hope that scared him and he doesn’t make us wait, because I really don’t want to cancel my order. We have no door knob on the back door for Pete’s sake!

It’s the end of the business day and I have yet to hear from my sales rep. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. Mister.

I propose that they Fedex the doors overnight from…wherever they come from…and install on Saturday. If not, and I have to wait until next Thursday, I want a 35% discount. Why 35%? Because it’s not as ballsey as 50% and not as weak as 25%...and it’s an increment of five. Serious science going on my head…I know. Don’t be intimidated. Maybe next week we’ll tackle my reasoning and method for leaving tips and doing simple math.

Until next time…

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