Monday, September 28, 2009

The Doors Have Been Installed

The doors were finally installed on Friday! My brother met them at my house and they were done by around 3 p.m. My mom stopped by while my bro was there and took some pics to email to me at work. This is what she sent:
Old door (for reference):
Please note the doors are gray because they primed and not painted (I opted not to pay the additional $300 for a few coats of latex paint). Looks great, right?!? Well, they do - except for the fact that that isn't the hardware that I chose. I wanted oil rubbed bronze NOT brushed nickel. I call my sales rep, tell him I got the wrong hardware and he says he'll call me back later once he figures out what happened. He calls today, Monday.

The new new (shot of both doors):

Old back door:

New back door:

New side door:

Today he says that he thought I wanted brushed nickel and that's what he ordered. Wrong, fella. He is now ordering the correct hardware hopefully. God knows that the way this process has gone that he'll order bright pink and green before we get the right choice - oil rubbed bronze. Honestly, at this point I would have just taken the brushed nickel, but I've already invested in light switch covers, door stoppers and a door knob in my bedroom (we're changing the door knobs in a phased approach) it was just wrong.

Also, the installers made an absolute mess with caulk and stuff that they had to rip out to get the doors to fix, plus, they just left an old door sitting on my deck. I can see how they would miss that when cleaning up...screwdriver - check, caulk - check, the old doors that we just spent hours ripping out - hmmmm....

Although the install didn't go as smoothly as it could have, I'm just happy to have our new doors. It's nice to have two doors that match. AND the best part of it is now my back door is high enough off the floor to have a rug in front of it! I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's the simple things in life....:)

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