Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rain, Rain....Stop. Seriously.

I mentioned it has been raining here in the ATL, right? Here is the scene in Woodstock, where I went to high school and where my parents live, on Monday afternoon:

I used to work at this place...for like a second. I quickly realized that waitressing wasn't my forte. And neither was hostessing or to-go orders:We got lucky and didn't have this type of situation near our house. I did stop to reminisce about when I first purchased my home and my agent asked if I wanted flood insurance. I immediately said 'no' - we don't get floods in Atlanta! Come on!


  1.'re also not cut out for grocery bagging!!! you permember?!?!?

  2. You are correct - no waitressing, hostessing, to-go order taking, or grocery bagging. I was always destined for a 9-5 behind a desk job. Sigh.

  3. you could be a hit man too..."i swear to god i'll kill you. i have a baseball bat..."