Monday, August 31, 2009

New Windows, Book Review, Lazy Weekend...

The windows are in, per my post last week, but I’m just a little late in getting completed pics up…sorry! (The interior pics aren't the best...but it's HARD taking pictures of clear glass, people!)
Before new windows:
Get out of here, skanky old windows!:
If I could just comment on the awesomeness of these windows – they are fantastic. I had become used to my bedroom sounding like I sleep in a tent, due to the fact that I sleep right next to the window and they acted as more of a wind shielding device and less of an actual ‘window,’ per se. But these new ones are like real deal windows…they keep out ALL the noise, ALL the bugs, ALL the burglars, and keep the house much cooler. Thank you, Window World! You can’t quite get the doors right, but by god you installed a fabulous window!

Also, last week, my book club met to discuss our August read, The Time Traveler’s Wife, and to see the movie. We met at The Grape at Phipps, had some wine and appetizers, and then headed over to see the flick. We were all pretty pumped because the book turned out to be really good! (I’d give it a 3.5 out of 5 due to the randomness of some vulgarity in the book, but the love story was really sweet and there is a letter from Henry to Clare at the end of the book that made me cry…at a book…I cried.) Anywho, we bop on over and approach the window to buy our tickets and the lady says that they cancelled all showings because of projector problems. Huh? Isn’t this 2009? There wasn’t a quick fix for that? Like cancel one of the ‘Julie & Julia’ showings to show one ‘TTW’…and why are we still watching movies off of projectors? I had so many questions, clearly, so we called it a night and plan to see it this week.

Also, on Thursday, I went to see a movie, The Proposal, with Danielle and Mandy at the Fox. It was cute, typical romantic comedy, but I do love Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. After you got used to the acoustics in the theater, it turned out to be a pretty cool experience…thanks, D, for the invite!

As for the weekend, we didn’t do much…which was awesome. On Friday night, we went to Ri-Ra, a new Irish bar in Midtown, with some friends. It was so packed! AND, there were mostly girl bartenders so we had NO pull on the drink-getting abilities…it took like 15 minutes to get a drink! We hung out there for a while and then headed home.

Saturday was movie day. Shane got up and cooked breakfast, he’s so sweet :), and then we preceded to do absolutely nothing but watch movies.
Sunday was cleaning day and we got all of the blinds put back up in the house. We also hung some curtains in the master, so I’ll share pics tomorrow.
Shane played tennis last night, they lost and were accused of being sandbaggers. Shane also patented a new move – when you missed the ball, you make a full lap around your side of the court dragging your racquet along every surface. That man is going to make us rich one day with his moves…

Hope everyone has a great week – and it’s a short one! Also, we’ll do goals tomorrow - prepare yourself.


  1. How did you like adventureland and The Rocker? Those two are saved on tivo but i haven't brought myself to watch - thoughts?! I'm still bitter betsy about the TTW!!! The windows look awesome - the before and after is so significant -yay! And your description of your "tent" was too much - good stuff - no more bugs or burglars! hehe

  2. Kel - Adventureland was OK, kind of slow. The Rocker was pretty funny - gotta love Dwight Schrute. I still REALLY want to see TTW and I mentioned it to Shane, but he didn't seem in on it. LOL! Thanks on the windows - we love love love them!