Saturday, July 11, 2009

What, Blogging on Saturday?!?

I'm blogging on a Saturday, believe it.

Last night, Shane and I had dinner with some friends (Melissa & Jon and Kelly & Austin) at Lola in Buckhead. It was pretty good but was even better to just chill and hang out with friends...especially on a Friday night. Drinks, on a patio no less, on Fridays are the best! We left Lola around 11 p.m. and Shane and I headed over to Padriac's in Vinings for a little bit more drinking, I swear we don't have a problem, and some live music. It was just a guy and his guitar - very chill and exactly what we were looking for. We made it home around 2:30 a.m., after we circled the block at least 10 times while we were listening to Mark Wills music...hilarious.

We slept in this morning, like until 11 a.m. (ouch), and then went to our fave breakfast place, J. Christopher's. As we were leaving, I started thinking about the TV in our bedroom and how I want it mounted on the wall. My brain functions in a really weird and random way, I'm aware of it and I embrace it. So, we head down to Wal-Mart and buy a mount for the TV for a mere $50. Not bad! We then go across the street to Home Depot and buy a cord hider (that's probably not the exact name but it is what it does nonetheless) and a new bamboo blind. Yes - that's right - goal #6 has been attained!

First, behold the new looks so much better than the old blind!

And on to our biggest accomplishment of today - mounting the TV! It was so easy, I think it probably took an hour. We tried to mount a bracket to the wall but decided that we really did need a stud finder, as the directions suggested, so we left and picked one up. We then mounted the bracket, popped the TV on, painted the cord hider, slid the cords in, adhered it to the wall and then admired. I'll let you do the same:

By the way, did I ever mention that we hung those shelves in my bedroom? savior. And we also added the white vases with sticks - what do you think? It was Shane's idea to put the vases there and I thought that the sticks would add some height to that corner. Thoughts?
Okay, off to grab some dinner - enjoy your weekends!


  1. Love these pics!! The TV looks great and I think the white vases/sticks look awesome (you know I have a soft spot for sticks!). Also - the bamboo blinds!!! LOVE IT - now i'm back to wanting them for my kitchen again - it looks so sharp, Stacy!

  2. Thanks, Kel! I am so pleased with it - and thanks for the reassurance on sticks! :)