Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Water, Water Everywhere

No, we didn't have a plumbing issue...but something else water related did happen. Pretty funny story actually...

I receive a bill on Saturday from Smyrna Utilities for $250. This bill is for my water and trash and it usually around $50 a month. So I'm immediately shocked...but then I notice that I have a balance forward. I look at the previous bill and have a balance forward...and the same on the one before that.

Turns out, I haven't paid my water bill since March. HA! And they haven't called, sent me a letter, or, better yet, TURNED OFF THE WATER! I find this quite hilarious. I'll pay it...this week...I swear.

Ha Ha Ha!


  1. So by "usually $50 a month" you mean in 2008? hahaha SO you!

  2. Exactly - in November, the bill was $50! Ha Ha Ha!