Friday, July 24, 2009


Funny story - I was in a meeting this afternoon with a lady who was telling a story about her experience at Starbucks this morning. She said that the barista is a young guy, kind of annoying, and always calls her Miss (First name). She walked in this morning and said that the barista was like 'Good morning, Miss (First name)! How are you this morning?!?' She said that her response was 'WTF, barista, WTF.' She said that he looked very puzzled...

So, I'm waiting to hear what WTF means, other than the obvious. Am I missing out on another Friday acronym besides TGIF? I think that at this time, she realized that none of us got it, and was like 'Oh, I MEANT TGIF! I told him TGIF! Ha Ha!' This made me laugh...because this story is very reminiscent of a story that I would tell (confused and non-sensical) Then she proceeds to poke fun at herself and say 'Yeah barista - What The Friday?!?' That made me laugh even harder.

Other than that story, which probably isn't as funny as it was in person , I've got nothin'. Enjoy your weekends!