Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cheers to 9 Years

Shane and I celebrated our nine year anniversary yesterday, July 27. How did we celebrate? With an engagement? Of course not – don’t be silly. (Dig.)

Shane actually surprised me with beautiful flowers and a card after I got home from the gym, as well as a surprise dinner! I took a quick shower, changed clothes and we went out to dinner at South City Kitchen. I love this place…mmmmm. Their food is simply incredible….seriously, incredible. We had a very nice dinner and then headed home for some TV. Very relaxing evening and a nice way to celebrate nine lovely years together!

Okay, enough sap. LOL! Windows and doors are going in tomorrow. We have to take down all of the blinds and curtains tonight and move everything out from in front of the windows – can’t wait! (Not for the moving, but the final product.) Stay tuned for pics!


  1. Hey Shane & Stacy, Happy (
    9 yrs! Great news about the windows. On my drive back from Savannah today, I heard on the radio that there's a $1,500 tax credit this year for energy efficient window replacement. Save that receipt! Love you in my heart. Mom

  2. Thanks everyone! And I'll clarify that we celebrate this anniversary of 9 consecutive years - but it has really been almost 11. Wow...I should mention marriage or something to Shane. :)

    Mom - yes, the window sales guy used that tax credit as part of his pitch! That's how we plan to pay for these bad boys...:)

  3. Happy Anniversary, you guys!! Love the pic (just not the colors). :)

  4. Kel - thanks and Go Dawgs! :)