Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mixing It Up In the Master Bathroom

Yes, as denoted in goal #3, I have plans to re-do the master bath and shower room. This won’t take much since both rooms are tiny, like 4 x 6, so that means it should be easy and cheap!

Here is what I’m working with now:
And here are my thoughts for the re-do:

Paint: Morning Fog by Olympic – I think that this swatch looks a little gray, but it is actually a light blue with a slight tint of turquoise. I’m trying not to be scared by the fact that I just admitted that it has a turquoise tint…oh well, it’s just paint, right? Shelving: I’m taking down that big white shelve thing. The previous homeowners left that, and it has been useful to store our stuff since we have NO storage whatsoever in this room, but it has to go. I’m thinking of replacing it with one of these sleek little shelves from the Container Store:Or three of these shelves:
Lighting/Fixtures: not changing, except for the door knobs and hinges that are currently in the process of all being changed to Oil Rubbed Bronze: Tile: ugh…unfortunately, not changing
Rug: I currently have a brown rug, but I think I’ll move that to the guest bath, and try to find something a little lighter for in here…maybe the lighter taupe shade of these:
Art: Probably none since I have NO wall space…
What do you think?


  1. I LOVE the container store shelves - super cute and contemporary! Why a new paint color? Over this one?

  2. Kel - I agree, love those shelves. And I want to change the paint color to be lighter because that color is just a little too dark for that small ass room. So, if I'm going lighter, why not just change the entire scheme?!?