Monday, February 2, 2009

Yay for New Bedding!

Shane and I finally got all of our new bedding on! And we also found two small pedestal tables to sit by the bed as nightstands...I only wanted something big enough to accomodate an alarm clock and glass of water - and that is DEFINITELY all that these will hold!
And if anyone has any tips for making your pillows look fluffy for pictures - please pass that along! I fluffed my dang pillows for what felt like an hour and they still look sad...This room is in no way finished, I still need to hang some stuff on the walls, get curtains, get a smaller TV (boo), and a rug...and that should be it. But I have a plan! Mwah ha ha.

Also, stay tuned for LOTS more drama on the washer debocle. Needless to say, it isn't fixed, the repair person didn't show up on Friday OR Saturday...but he did scream at me on the phone on Saturday afternoon. And I screamed back. That's All County Appliance Services...check out their ratings and comments on Kudzu! I'll share all the dirt once the machine has been repaired, that way I don't have to keep thinking about how we wasted hundreds of dollars on this lemon of a machine.


  1. Looks great, girl!! LOVE the contrast between the chocolate bedding and neutral walls. And those little tables are perfect for the size of the space. Can't wait to see the lamps!!! And i'm SO SORRY about those asshats. Crazy bad service makes me sad.

  2. Love the room, Stace. I think the colors are perfect and the nightstands are so cute. By not smoking, I can see my blog time increasing:)

  3. I love the green pillows! AND I can't wait to hear all about the screaming match!

  4. Your bedding set is perfectly fine!! Those pillows have decorative look!!