Monday, February 9, 2009

Yard Demoliiiitttiiiiooonnnnn!

Instructions: When reading the title, the word ‘demolition’ should be yelled and drawn out for a very long time. Thank you.

We had a great weekend! Had a little play time and a little work time…it made for a very productive two days.

Saturday: Shane and I got up pretty early and started our weekend house cleaning. When both of us pitch in it goes so much faster. I know that my house isn’t a mansion, but with the dogs and having to pretty much wipe down or vacuum every surface, it can be a very daunting task. One which I love every second of. :) Ahhh...the smell of bleach in the morning - but I digress.

Before we got started cleaning, we did watch Friday night’s episode of Friday Night Lights. I love that show!!! Does anyone else watch it besides me and Shane?

Saturday night we made the trek to Doraville, which didn’t turn out to be very far from my house (maybe 15-20 minutes). We went to this karaoke place, Karaoke Melody, and had a blast! You got your own private room that came with a couch that lined three walls, a big screen TV and a pretty good sound system. There were six of us, and while I thought that that might not be enough people, it was just the right number. We had a lot of fun and will definitely have to go back! Check out the pics in the Picasa link to the left. I have some video, but can't figure out how to upload it - I'll keep you posted.

Sunday: While we like our Sundays to be pretty chill, we figured that we should take advantage of the awesome weather (my car said it was 70 degrees!) and get outside. My brother was coming home from Athens and volunteered (for a certain price) to come over and help Shane with some of the yard demo. They got started at noon and by 6:30 our yard was pretty much picked clean of every shrub, dead tree, vine, and bush. Here are the befores:
And the afters:
This is all in preparation to hit the ground running in the spring. Our plan for the spring is to outline most of the yard with mulch, lay sod in the areas that get sun, lay river rock over by the driveway and into a portion of the yard that is completely shaded by a big oak, build a new deck, and (drum roll, please) install a shed. I have very strong opinions about sheds – being that they breed snakes, rats and evil. You don’t ever hear of anything good happening in a shed…dead bodies-found in a shed, something chewed through my machinery-that I left in a shed, I got bit by a snake-in a shed…see where I’m going here? But to my surprise, they actually have some really cute little sheds at Home Depot! And with our house having NO storage, this is pretty much our only option. But my stipulations are that it has to be small, I don’t want hobos or too large of vermin living in it, and it has to be landscaped around it. That’s it!

On a side note, here are a couple of other random happenings from yesterday:
Brother rode in the wheelbarrow:
I cut down this tree (yep, all by myself) and it had a really cool stalk...and it smelled minty.


  1. The yard looks great and I am sure you guys are anxious for spring:) And, Jon and I had a great time on Saturday night - we will have to go back. Why can't I find the pics?

  2. Thanks, Mel! Spring cannot get here fast enough...kinda lookin' like a wasteland right now!

    For the pics, click on the 'In the Beginning' slideshow and that will take you to Picasa. Click on Stacy's Gallery and the album is titled 'Karaoke Melody.' Genius, I know. :)

  3. We are taking volunteers for the next round of work, pictures to follow. We pay in beer and pizza.