Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We’re Rockin!

I am very excited to announce that someone is coming to quote the installation of granite countertops tonight! Oh, how I cannot WAIT to be rid of my horrible Formica countertops that have nicks and cuts in them…and that are just ugly.

Shane and I did some rough measuring, and we approximated 40 sq. ft. of countertops in the kitchen. If you take an average price of $40 per square foot (fabricated and installed) that is only $1600…which isn’t that bad - especially since they say that you will double the money that you spend in kitchens and bathrooms. I also mentioned the heinous backsplash that I have hated since we first looked at the house in April 2008. He said that he had seen it done and it looked ‘pretty cool,’ but I quickly let him know that mine is not so ‘cool.’ He doesn’t do tile work, but said that he could recommend some people and could give me a rough estimate on how much it would cost to take down the existing and install a new backsplash (with average costing tile).

So, now I’m looking to you for opinions…do I want a tile backsplash? That would probably add on another $500, and while I don’t mind spending that – I wonder, will it be too much? Here are a couple of kitchen ideas that I found…

Beadboard backsplash: Very clean, and it's somewhat comparable since I also have white cabinets. But I will NOT be getting black granite...I've heard it's a nightmare to keep clean.

Tiled backsplash: This seems very boring to me, but again, it's comparable since the granite countertops are similar to what I like and it has white cabinets.
Subway tile: I love the look of this, and also like it with the white cabinets...My choice would probably be something more in the cream family, rather than the red family.
What do ya’ll think? Plain drywall backsplash? Beadboard? Subway tile? I’m open to all suggestions…except for brick pavers.


  1. I love the subway tile.

  2. Thanks, D. I am torn between the subway tile and the beadboard...decisions, decisions.

  3. Here in the UK we use stainless steel
    I got one made to order for only £59.00 from
    It looks great and only took two days to arrive

  4. Thanks for the info, Joc! I have never seen a stainless backsplash but I will def take a look...could be a possibility!

  5. stainless steel could be cool! I'm a huge fan of subway tile. :)

  6. Kel - I really think that we are leaning towards the subway tile...I love it too. And, I have to remember that the next person living in this house may not like beadboard, just as I do not like the brick pavers!

  7. by the way - I feel like a ding bing because when I think of subway tile I think of white ceramic... I didn't realize it came in neat colors like the one you ended up with!! Durka!