Monday, February 16, 2009

The Weekend Update

We had an extremely busy weekend…here is the play by play:

Friday: Shane and I went over to Kel and Austin’s for some drinks and fun time. It has been too long since I have played ‘Thumb Princess’ (a.k.a Kings, FUBAR, etc.)! But before we could get there, drama ensued. We dropped Shane’s car off to get some work done, and then went to grab a quick bite to eat. When we were done eating, Shane gets in my car and starts freaking out about his Ipod…he couldn’t find it. He was sure that he had it and said that it was sitting in his lap while he was in his car and he thought that he put it in my backseat. So, we leave the restaurant and go back to the car place. We are looking in his car, in my car, around the cars…nothing. We decide to go back home and get the spare key and then come back and open up the car (maybe it fell under the seat). We pull up to the car again, Shane gets out to look in his car and I get out to look in my car again. As I step out of the car, I see his Ipod sitting on the ground. ‘Shane – here it is! Man, we are lucky we didn’t run this thing over.’ Well, we did run it over. I turned it on and the screen was completely busted. Needless to say – Shane was extremely upset. I asked him to let me take a picture of him looking sad with his Ipod, but this was the best that I could get:
This is how he explained his devastation: ‘I have three very important things in my life: #1 you, #2 my dogs, and #3 my Ipod.’ I told him that he could have mine, or he could take advantage of this opportunity and go buy a brand new one…but there was just no consoling him.

Saturday: We picked out our granite slab! It wasn’t exciting as I thought that it would be. I guess I envisioned myself wearing a hardhat, scaling through a rock quarry to find that ‘perfect’ piece…but then I remembered that this wasn’t an episode of Man vs. Wild. We also picked out our granite for the bathroom, although I really can’t remember what I picked. I know the name is ‘Gallo Napolitano’ – but who knows what it looks like. We also picked out our backsplash and decided to go with the 1x2 subway tiles:

We then headed over to Shane’s little sister, Katie’s, gymnastics meet. Man, that really brought back memories…I swear, if they offered gymnastics for adults I would be ALL OVER that! Katie did great, by the way!

And, oh yeah, it was Valentine’s Day (that’s how I felt because we had so much going on) so we went out for a nice dinner at Harry Bissett’s in Buckhead. Then went home and crashed…exhausted.

Sunday: I love IKEA. When the store first opened, I really didn’t understand all of the craze around it, but it has become my one-stop shop for everything home related. And the sad part is that while everything is very cheap…we can’t get out the door for less than $150. Anyways, clearly we hit it up again on Sunday…I went ahead and got everything that I needed to finish up the bedroom décor (minus a new, smaller TV and curtains). We’ll be putting everything up tonight, so be on the lookout for pics tomorrow!

We then headed to Home Depot to pick out a new kitchen faucet and cabinet hardware. I want to own a company that sells kitchen and bathroom faucets…those things are outrageously expensive. I just love how the brass faucets are like $100 less than the venetian bronze faucet – that is EXACTLY the same. If I were anything like my dad, I would buy the brass and spray paint it. He once spray painted one of our refrigerators back in the day…I think that some would call that ‘bootleg.’

So, plan for the week is that the countertops are being templated on Thursday. They will take exact measurements and will create a digital copy of what my countertops will look like in my kitchen…very exciting and high tech. And they will then come back next Thursday to put the countertop and backsplash in…can you believe it?!?! We are less than two weeks away from the completion of my mini kitchen reno!!!


  1. So, when did you win the lotto?

  2. In case anyone was wondering, here is what my new iPod will look like. I am getting goose-bumps already!!

  3. D - Ha Ha! No lotto winnings yet...but owning a home is a very good thing come tax time!

    Shane - I thought that you were getting the silver one??

  4. Yay! What a fabulous, productive weekend! Still hate that about the iPod DANG! And that is exactly how he described it! hehe So glad he got a new one - can't WAIT for you kitchen to be redone - WOW - so exciting!!