Tuesday, February 24, 2009

And We Are Still Talking About….

Granite! But this time the bathroom granite...I really like to keep my topics diverse.

We are obviously keeping the white vanity in the bathroom, but I don’t think that I ever shared the stone color – so here ya’ go:

And how about that ‘sample?’ It looks more like the whole sha-bang rather than a sample, but we could potentially use this as a weapon in case a burglar were to crack our state-of-the-art security system, or we could use it as a paperweight, or even as a decorative boulder in our front yard landscaping…I don’t know.

What this also means is that I have to paint over the silver. After all of the back and forth about the metallic paint, I have wound up living with it for six months before deciding to paint it back to something neutral. Enter Olympic’s Pony Tail or Bread Basket:

So, our plan for the remainder of the week is:

  • Wednesday: Paint the portion of the bathroom that will be covered by the vanity; Remove kitchen countertops
  • Thursday: Granite is installed
  • Friday: Backsplash is removed and new is installed; Paint the remainder of the bathroom. Maybe even paint the kitchen? Yeah, that’s right – I’m painting it too.


  1. ooooh Love the granite!! Looks awesome, Stacy - the before/afters are going to be fab!! My vote is for ponytail!!

  2. Stace - the granite is going to look great! I think both colors are great but personally, I like bread basket. Either way you go - it will look fab-o!

  3. What did you end up going with?! And by the way, i'm LOVING the new look of your blog - fix mine!