Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Still…Needing a Light

Seriously, I know that only about 5 people read my blog (although analytics show that 11 people viewed the page yesterday, but that’s neither here nor there) but I seriously need some help deciding on a light. So here are the options…(I’ve posted a poll to the left for you to cast your vote.)

A: Contact an electrician to install can lighting in the galley part of the kitchen, take down the track lighting over the island and have them install two pendant lights. I know that I said that this wasn’t an option, but I’ve now decided that it is. Hmpf!

B: Have the electrician install can lighting throughout the kitchen, and forego the special island light.

C: Install Shane’s choice of a chandelier type light.

D: Install Stacy’s choice of a ‘billiard-style’ island light.

E: Install a large pendant light, like this one:
Please help, seriously…can anyone hear me? Hello out there?


  1. Something tells me I chose the most expensive option... but I had to go with A (if it's reasonably priced). I think it will look AMAZING with recessed lighting and two lights suspended above the island - so dramatic!

  2. I am late on this blog so can't wait to see how everything looks:)You're going to have a whole new kitchen before you know it!!