Friday, January 30, 2009

So finally....a note from the man of the house!!

So as we were eating our Papa John's (shameless plug-even though I am sure it will not lead to any free pizza) and I told Stacy that we should go room by room to write down future plans. I wanted us to group these plans into two categories, pipe dream (later on down the road) and immediate. I have self-diagnosed myself with a mild OCD for organization, therefore I should get a card at The Container Store. She agreed that we should proceed on Saturday, which means that she will take over and dominate my list and nothing that I wanted to do to help us get more organized will find itself on the immediate plan. As you can clearly see by her many postings, we have put a lot of work and love into this house and will continue to do so. We are very fortunate to be able to work on this house and look forward to continuing the improvements. I would be remissed to not give a shout out to the real men of the house, Beau and Brother. Look forward to seeing everyone soon!! Shane


  1. hehe I feel you, Shane! I'm the 'mildly OCD' one in our family and love nothing more than planning out what we're going to do in each room. Now I just need a house... hmmm. Does that make more more OCD than you or just crazy?

    I still want to meet Beau & Bro!!

  2. Shane, it is nice to hear from you!