Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stripe It Up

Our guest bedroom has gone through several transitions since we moved into the house in 2008. It first looked like this:

And then I 'traditionalized' it up with some gold tones and Ralph Lauren:

But now, I have transformed it into the most beautiful thing in the world. More beautiful than models, children, stuffed animals...and all those things combined.

Taping perfectly straight lines: 10 hours
Painting with Shane who whined about painting: 3 hours
Having raw, sore fingers from said taping and painting: 2 days
Ending up with the most gorgeous room you've ever seen in your life: Priceless


So, whattya think?!?


  1. It's beautiful!!!! So cute/rustic!!! But the line in the middle looks a little crooked.

    I kid! I kid!

  2. omg...amazing! love it! i bet it makes the room look so huge!

  3. Yeah, that definitely looks like the biggest pain in the ass...My ass hurts now! Looks great; neutrals are very in right now. Great job!

  4. WOW!!!!!!! What a transformation!!!! Great job!

    p.s. when can I book a weekend in your guest room? ;-)

  5. I think it's absolutely FABULOUS! I still can't believe you did so many stripes- you are such a little painter! I can only imagine the hand cramps. It really does look just blissful!

  6. That room is gigantic now! What a difference some stripes and window treatments can make. I want to stripe my whole house now. Wanna come over and help? Ha!

  7. The room looks amazing. Being a flooring guy, I'm glad you retained the hardwood floors. The paint choice, and decor make the room look really classy.

  8. Love it! I've always wanted to do a room with stripes like that. Our guest bedroom has a greens theme to it right now and we're going to make it sort of a "French countryside" theme overall once we get around to fixing it up a bit :)

  9. Jennifer - I will cut you...

    Thanks so much everyone! I am SUPER proud of how it turned out and appreciate all your love!

  10. I think it looks like crap personally. Too bad you spent all that time... Muhahahahaha JUST KIDDING!!!! You have to see it in person.. amazing!!! and D it's OUR room :) smooches!!