Thursday, January 13, 2011


I'll make this brief since I am WAY behind...but we had a great Christmas with my dad, Greta, my mom, my brothers and the Llerenas!

 Christmas with the Carlisle's: Chris, me, Shane, Dad and Greta
 Fried Turkey
 Topher and Shane
 Me and Pat
Five dogs at my dad's - Brother, Maggie, Izzy, Kim and Beau
Christmas with Mom: Shane, Patrick, me, Mom and Topher
"Is Shane wearing one piece pajamas?" Yes, he sure is.
Beau and Brother's Christmas presents from Grandma...he patiently awaits. 
 Latisse...I was doing my best lash pose here. I'll let you know how this product pans out.
Christmas Snow at Mom's house!
 Manny's McCallan 12
 Debbie's George W. Book
Katie's IPhone dock and ITunes gift card

We had a fantastic Christmas, spent quality time with family, got some very great and generous gifts and just took it easy!


  1. Great Christmas pics!! Our Christmas was spent in a hotel lobby - LAME! Glad Shane got some more use out of those PJs. hehe

  2. Hi! I found you on 20 something bloggers :) I live nearby in SC. Your blog caught my eye because we bought our first house together (I've owned before, my husband hasn't) in November 2009 and we've been doing some minor renovations with plans of doing major ones within the next five years or so :)

  3. FBI - I tried to be brief with the pics although I have approximately 472...glad you enjoyed! And yes, Shane really enjoys the footed PJs...I think that it reminds him of Santa...when he was 3.

    Tara - welcome! So glad you read and commented! :) Funny enough, I am originally from SC (Easley, to be exact)...are you documenting your renovations on your blog??

  4. I haven't blogged about them yet. We've only done one major thing since we bought our house in November 2009, mainly because last year we got married and that took up our time and money. We're hoping to DIY a bunch of little stuff starting this year and by 2013 start some major renovations though. We bought a house that had been recently renovated but that did a REALLY crappy job and used a lot of cheap stuff so there's still plenty of work to be done!