Friday, January 14, 2011

Four Days in Captivity

It snowed in, for real, snowed. Here in Smyrna, we got 4 1/2" on Sunday night. On Monday, it snowed a little more, and then started sleeting and then started raining...thus, creating ice.

People (mostly those from the North and a few snarky Southerners) say that Southerners don't know how to drive in the snow. That is incorrect. I KNOW how to drive in the snow but I choose not to. If I HAD to, I could do it. However, the real issue lies with the layers of ice and black ice that cover our roads. I'm pretty sure that NO ONE knows how to drive in ice.

The point is, we've had ice on the roads since Monday night. And Shane and I have been in the house since Sunday afternoon.

This is our house on Thursday...four days after the snow:
 Our driveway - a solid sheet of ice:
 And these are the back roads around our house...still icy:
 Looking forward to leaving the house - fo sho!


  1. yeah...i think it's actually impossible to drive 'in' ice...

    can't get anything by me!!!

    little plug...i'm blogging again!

  2. I completely agree with you about the ice. I'm originally from Connecticut and the problem here in Greenville SC hasn't so much been the drivers but the fact that the roads were such a mess!

    And if it makes you feel any better, other than walking our dogs I didn't leave the house from Friday evening (when I got home from work) through late Wednesday morning (when I was finally able to return to work via still treacherous roads)

  3. Andrea - touche...driving in ice would be difficult. And very cold. However, I look forward to proofreading, I mean reading, your blog! :)

    Tara - Wednesday to Friday! Wow...I would have gone insane! Hope the weather and the roads is getting better over in SC!

  4. **roads ARE getting mistake. )

  5. Wow - it is so bad over there! Boo! I hear you -i'm like um... do you know how not worth it it is to have four wheel drive and/or snow tires here? Do you know how not worth it it is for our city to invest in snow plows? HELLO - northerners cities are equipped because they have to be because it's worth the money due to the weather. Here? Not worth it so OF COURSE our city shuts down when, on the rare occasion, we get this kind of snow. People are so stoopy.

    And yes, LOL you cracked me up with your ab comment!