Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Atlanta Restaurant Review: The Firkin & Gryphon

This past weekend, our crew went to The Firkin & Gryphon in Dunwoody to get some food, drinks and watch the Atlanta Falcons game. From the SECOND we walked in, everything went down is why:
  1. Danielle, Mandy and I go to the bathroom when we first get there. A girl in a plaid skirt walks in and goes in the stall. We step up to the sinks to wash our hands...I'm putting on lotion (yes, they had lotion there and it was a very nice touch, I must say)...and said plaid skirt girl walks out of the stall and leaves. We all immediately look at each other as though she had walked by and spit on us. 'Did she not wash her hands?' 'Does she WORK here?!?' 'God, I hope that isn't our waitress.' We exit the bathroom, sit down at our table, and the nappy-handed waitress walks up to our table. Yep. That is pretty much how my life goes. ALWAYS.
  2. They were having an event menu and beers were $1. 68 and cheese dip and chips were on special for the low, low price of $6. We order a couple of beers and some cheese dip. I swear, 10 minutes later, we get beers, approximately 15 stale chips and two tablespoons of Velveeta cheese with the rank skin on the top. 'Grimey hands' must have let it sit under the lamp for 8 of those 10 minutes.
  3. And as she is placing all this stuff on the table...I see a scab on her finger. Gag me with a spoon.
  4. The radio station, 680 AM, was broadcasting from this restaurant starting around 4 p.m. We got there around then so that we could get a table and have our spot for the game. Well, around 7 p.m. the crowd rolls in and people are everywhere. There was some guy sitting on the floor behind my chair, another whose breath I could feel in my hair...the restaurant clearly had no plans or space for this type of crowd.
  5. Oh, and even during game time, we are still waiting upwards of 10 minutes for drinks. So, that confirms that it had nothing to do with the amount of people at this place.
Overall, I rate this place a 1 out of 5 with 1 being a big fat SUCKS. I will not be going back.  


  1. I hate the skin on top of my cheese dip! Bleggh..

  2. I hate that and the fact that it was served by someone with pee-pee hands. Yuck.