Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas, Newly Engaged and Happy New Year!

It has been a while! A lot, lot, lot has happened so let’s once again backtrack…

I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas - we certainly did!

Wednesday: Went over to my dad’s in the late afternoon – played games, ate dinner, opened some of our gifts and watched a movie. The next morning, we opened the rest of our gifts and we got some great stuff.

Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Speakers Thursday: Went to my mom’s – played cards, played drinking games, hung out. We got up the next morning and my mom was making her traditional meal, including turkey, dressing, veggies, giblet gravy, fudge…yum. My butt is now two feet wider because of this meal. We opened prezzies before lunch and got some more great stuff!
My new food processor:Flip Video Camera:Friday: Went to Shane’s mom’s – hung out with the fam, including Shane’s aunt, uncle and cousins from Texas, opened presents (even MORE good stuff!), played games and played Rock Band. I think that we woke Manny up around 2:30 a.m…it was bedtime shortly after that.

New Coach Purse
Saturday: Packed up Shane’s car and headed back to the house. I made one bad move before we left for our three day adventure – I turned the heat OFF in my house. I’m trying to be economical! Needless to say, we arrived home to a house that was 46 degrees. Not a good move.

We are so very thankful for our family and friends and thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas! Thanks to everyone for your thoughtfulness and generosity – we love you!

December 30: A day that Shane and I will always remember…our engagement day!

Shane and I had dinner with his parents that night and got home around 11 p.m. Things were normal, he was taking the dogs out and I was making my coffee for the next morning. He popped his head inside and yelled ‘Hey, come out here!’ I thought that the dogs had tried to run away so I came outside and Shane had both the dogs on the front stoop with the ring in his hand. Our home is very special to us as that is where we started our family so it was only fitting to start this new chapter of our lives there as well. It was very, very sweet! I thought that I would cry like a baby, but instead I just laughed…and shook. But I ultimately said yes, duh! Here is a shot of the ring!
New Years: Me, Shane and our friends Austin and Kelly went to Athens for the NYE festivities. I went in to the office until around 11:30 a.m. (but did absolutely NO work) and then came home for a nap. Got up around 3:30 p.m. and got ready to head up to Austin and Kel’s in Alpharetta so that we could get the party started! We had a great night and good times…see some pics below!

This past weekend was pretty lazy as we prepared ourselves mentally to start a full, non-holiday work week. Boo.

Also, as we have entered a new year and a new decade – I feel compelled to start establishing some goals again. However, we are going to take a different approach this year and I will only have three per month. If I find after the first quarter that I can accomplish those three, then I will bump it to five. The 10-11 item lists are just unattainable, and the fact that they just roll over every month is just embarrassing.

What did everyone do for New Years? Fun parties? Chill evenings with family?

I hope that everyone is having a great ‘first Monday of 2010!’


  1. Woohoo on engagement! Congrats to you both!