Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Goals and Planning

**Sorry for that title - sounds so much like a meeting invitation that I would receive at work. Eww.

As I mentioned yesterday, I am going to pick up my monthly goals again but try to be a bit more realistic. It’s just downright embarrassing to have 10 goals a month and accomplish two…I mean, seriously. So, to kick off this new decade and this new month, here are my goals…dun dun dun!

  1. Paint the front door black.
  2. Paint the exterior of the back door.
  3. Clean out and reorganize kitchen. (I have a detailed plan for this and will share it once I complete this goal. ;) )
As part of a larger set of goals, I would like to do the following throughout the year:

  1. Blog four times per week (minimum). Receive extra stars and pats on the back for five blog posts or more.
  2. Start and complete one DIY project per month. (This can and will include wedding DIY projects. :))
  3. Read two books (one for book club and one other) each month.
Wish me luck!

What about ya'll? Any good goals for 2010?

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